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Money problems? Johnny Depp to auction a memento of his relationship with Winona Ryder

Johnny Depp goes through a moment delicate from a labor point of view that can affect your financial reality. The actor is immersed in the trial he has with his ex-wife Amber Heard and since his dismissal from Fantastic Beasts 3 he was not hired for large productions. In this context and while trying to relaunch his career, The Hollywood star decided to auction off a valuable memento of his relationship with Winona Ryder. What is it about?

Depp determined to finish a poem he wrote to his ex girlfriend in the early nineties. That’s why he joined the company ViciNFT: a company that is dedicated to the world of auctions and that, in addition to managing, allocate a portion of the proceeds to a charity chosen by the creator.

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were a couple from 1990 to 1993

The artist will also make available a photo of him playing the guitar in his villa in France and he will not only seek to earn money, but also to do a good deed. “Beyond the mandatory 25% of income provided to artist or author charities of your choice, an additional donation to a climate conservation fund is guaranteed.”, ViciNFT details on its official page.

Johnny Depp to auction a memento of his relationship with Winona Ryder

“I trust that the founders of ViciNFT always put acts of charity and helping others above mere profitability”, said the 57-year-old actor in a statement and did not give the reasons why he chose the poem written to Ryder, with whom he had an affair since 1990 a 1993 after meeting her on the set of The Young Scissorhands.

In this way, Depp continues his efforts to clean up his public image after the scandals he starred in with Heard. As he said in recent weeks, he does not believe he is banned from Holywood, but insists on claiming his innocence in the face of his ex-wife’s complaints. The litigation will have a verdict in February 2022, although the Aquaman actress asked to cancel it.


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