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Mónica Castañeda and Olivia Collin’s Daughter Clash at Maribel Guardia’s Son’s Funeral

What should have been a moment of privacy, calm and respect for Julián Figueroa’s funeral turned into an uproar when the journalist Mónica Castañeda and the daughter of Olivia Collins got into a fight.

On Monday, April 10, during José Figueroa’s private funeral, Olivia Collins arrived at the house of her friend Maribel Guardia. When there was no space for her vehicle to park, she had to go down and walk. As soon as she stepped out of her vehicle, journalists tried to steal some of her statements, among them was Mónica Castañeda.

Seeing how her 65-year-old mother was stalked by the communicators, Olivia Jr. did not hesitate to run towards her and in her eager to distance them, she took the microphone from Castañeda, pulled and grabbed her by the neck to get her out of her way. The presswoman yelled at her not to touch her, while Collins told her not to mess with her daughter.

After this incident, the sixty-year-old comedian and her daughter made their way and went to the gate of the subdivision where Maribel Guardia lives. However, when she was about to enter, Mónica Castañeda would have tried to kick the actress’s daughter, who, as soon as she crossed her bars, made an obscene sign at her. Her mother was walking ahead.

Mónica Castañeda gave her version of what happened during the broadcast of “Hechos Meridiano.” She pointed out that the incident occurred when she was covering the information about who came to Julián Figueroa’s funeral. “Not only me, but all the others and the night before, interviewing his mother, and it had not been possible, and I insist, it is very clear to me that it is a complete moment for everyone, but the only thing we were looking for were answers to a situation that we wanted to understand what was happening inside, if there would be a mass, information about what was happening.”

She also added that she does not understand why they attacked her because she was doing her job. “At the moment when she arrives and grabs me from behind, when she literally turns around and grabs me by the chest, the only thing I say to her is: ‘Let go of me, don’t touch me’ because there was no need, and my fellow reporters reacted and told her: ‘Hey, don’t touch’ and she throws the next blow, and that’s where other things come from.”

Finally, she clarified that at no time did she kick Olivia Collins’ daughter. What she did was try to stop with her leg to close the gate: “The security man wants to close the door and I stayed in front of those who came walking behind; then, yes, it is true, I put my leg in to stop the door, but there is nothing (…). If I had wanted to attack her, she would have done so from the first moment she laid a hand on me, and I consider that it is not in a personal capacity [the obscene sign].”

Despite the fact that everything was developing normally, the fight between the two women caused all the attention to be focused on them, without thinking about the pain felt by the loved ones of the singer. It is important to respect the privacy and emotional state of the family during these difficult times.

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