Monkeypox Cases Worldwide Exceed 50,000

Monkeypox Cases Worldwide Exceed 50,000

The global cases of monkeypox already amount to 50,496, with 16 deaths, according to statistics periodically updated by the World Health Organization (WHO), which place the United States as the country with the most registered cases (17,994) and Spain as the second, with 6,543.

Brazil, with 4,693 confirmed infections; France, with 3,547; Germany, with 3,467, and the United Kingdom, with 3,413, complete the list of countries that have reported the most positives in this outbreak, declared an international emergency by the WHO on July 23.

In Latin America, after Brazil, the country with the most registered infections is Peru (1,463), followed by Colombia (582), Mexico (504) and Chile (344), always according to the data collected by the WHO from the national health networks, which have detected this virus in more than a hundred countries.

In the last week the country that reported the most infections was the United States, with more than 2,000, followed by Brazil (700), France (650) and Colombia (300).

The latest death from the disease has been reported from Belgium, adding to four deaths in Nigeria, three in Ghana, two in Spain and the Central African Republic, and one in Brazil, Ecuador, India and Cuba.

Monkeypox, for decades detected almost exclusively in West and Central Africa, usually manifests itself with a strong fever that quickly leads to skin rashes, especially on the face.

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