Monster Hunter: Milla Jovovich wants film to impact as much as the video game

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On Monster Hunter, Jovovich mile plays a United States Army Ranger named Artemis who is mysteriously transported to a fantasy realm full of dangerous and gigantic monsters.

While American soldiers do not appear in the game series Monster Hunter from Capcom, Jovovich believes that Artemis helps put an important perspective: that of those who played the classic title for the first time.

Jovovich mile states that when his character is transported to the world of Monster Hunter the audience accompanies her in the feeling of what it is like to enter this universe for the first time, something that the film hopes to transmit to the fans of the video game.

After passing through another legendary video game franchise such as Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich entered the franchise of Monster Hunter thanks to her husband, director Paul WS Anderson, who has declared himself obsessed with the game series for over 10 years.

And is that for Jovovich mile there was something that called her from the world of Monster Hunter since unlike gigantic creatures destroying the world, it is a universe in which humanity is strongly related to the nature around it.

In Capcom’s classic game series, humans don’t hunt down giant monsters just to annihilate them but use all of their parts for food or to create weapons and other items. ‘It’s all about surviving’ sentence Jovovich.

Thus, the Monster Hunter franchise has reached the big screen with Jovovich mile as the protagonist while Capcom has launched Monster Hunter World where the actress finally appears as a more available character. On The Truth News We will closely follow this popular series to bring you the latest.

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