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Montana’s Most Iconic TV Location Is Simply Perfect

Montana’s Most Iconic TV Location Is Simply Perfect

Everyone will recognize this iconic television location immediately.

Montana is becoming a hot spot for Hollywood productions. The past five years have seen major film and television productions set up shop around the state for various projects.

Montana has a fantastic program for tax credits and we are reaping the benefits.

Production sets, towns, and ranches have all prospered from the publicity and access to these projects.

Montana has seen productions for drama, thrillers, and the most common, westerns.

There have been several stars and legends of the big and little screen in Montana. Cinema stars like Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Kevin Costner, and more have been seen in Big Sky Country for different projects.

What if you wanted to visit some of the places that were graced with the presence of these stars?

Is there a place in Montana that is an iconic location from a television show?

We have an answer, and it’s perfect.

Stacker made a list of the Most Iconic TV Locations in Every State, and Montana’s is a living breathing ranch for one of television’s most popular shows.

The iconic TV location for Montana is Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby.

You will recognize this ranch as the home for the Duttons in Yellowstone.

Chief Joseph Ranch is a sprawling landscape that makes you feel like you are in the show. They have all the cabins, barns, and shooting locations for the show.

Source: Stacker