Moon Knight: Everything you need to know about Moon Knight cast

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Moon Knight is Marvel’s next mini-series soon to air on the Disney+ platform (starting March 30, 2022). And the trailer reveals a dark and tortuous story.

This first trailer reveals the participation of Oscar Isaac in the title role of Steven Grant (one of his identities), a character who chains insomnia and begins to have hallucinations and visions leading him to think that he is probably going crazy. Steven ends up becoming Moon Knight, a hero who, like the villain in ThunderCats, turns into a kind of super-powerful and terrifying mummy at the same time.

We can note key differences between the series and the comics. Everything suggests that Steven is not a millionaire, but an employee of the Souvenir shop of the British Museum who has problems with the exhibition of some Egyptian objects. In addition, we hear Steven calling himself Marc (a reference to the character of Marc Spector, a mercenary in the comics), which leads us to think that Steven also has some memory problems and that he may not even remember who he really is and who he was.

In addition to Oscar Isaac, the Marvel series also features Ethan Hawke as the supervillain. The trailer gives a glimpse of a little more of his character and gives some clues about his identity.

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant / Marc Spector / Moon Knight

Moon Knight (2022): Release date, cast and trailer - Marvel | Marca

This series is a kind of origin story, where a museum employee with sleep problems turns into a superhero who sees himself as an Egyptian god: Moon Knight.

According to the official description of the series, Steven begins to have memories of his other life and discovers that he has an identity disorder and that he actually shares his body with a mercenary named Marc (a comic book character connected with the moon god Khonshu). Simultaneously, Steven must uncover a mysterious secret about the gods of Egypt.

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Ethan Hawke plays Arthur Harrow… or Sun King?

IMDb doesn’t mention the name of Hawke’s character and it’s intentional: Marvel wants to keep the surprise as long as possible. But the trailer reveals several clues about his identity.

A long-haired man is seen dressed in a wine-colored suit, walking through a German city. He is followed by dozens of people who, when he stops in the middle of a square, kneel before him as if he were a god or the guru of a sect.

From these images unveiled by the trailer, we can think that it is Dr. Arthur Harrow, who appeared in the comics in 1985 as a scientist carrying out experiments on pain using a series of techniques that the Nazis used at the Auschwitz extermination camp. Arthur Harrow also uses these methods on innocent people, which attracts Moon Knight’s attention.

According to this same theory, Harrow is not such a developed character in the comics, so the series could combine him with the villain Sun King, who has some similarities with the character featured in the trailer, such as his haircut or his horde of worshippers.

Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogard

The character of the late Gaspard Ulliel: whose accidental death was on January 19 with sadness – particularly known for his role as Hannibal Lecter, does not appear in the trailer, but we know that he will play the character of Mogard, a skilled and seasoned thief (specialized in art and jewelry), alter ego of Moon Knight. Mogard steals all sorts of valuable coins until he is finally arrested by Moon Knight. He then becomes his enemy.

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May Calamawy plays a certain Layla

Calamawy was recently seen in the Ramy series but his character in Moon Knight has not yet been officially confirmed. The rumor evokes a certain Layla. But one question remains: is it Layla Rose Miller, a character from the House of M crossover, or a brand new Layla?

Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter

IMDb or Marvel have not yet been confirmed but if you search on Google, Sharon Carter appears in the list of characters in the series. The mini-series Falcon and the Winter Soldier had unveiled Carter’s change of sides. Having become a villain seeking revenge, Carter had managed to infiltrate the government, after “helping” Falcon and Bucky Barnes. But it’s unclear what his role might be in the Moon Knight series. Perhaps her stay on the mysterious island of Madripoor, where she meets Sam and Bucky, ends up leading her to Anton Mogard… Or maybe she’ll be on a special mission and have to face Arthur Harrow and Steven…

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