Moon Knight is seen in his first official trailer teaser with an unleashed Oscar Isaac

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Moon Knight, one of the most anticipated series of Marvel Studios for Disney+, has finally been seen through its first teaser trailer on the occasion of the Disney+ Day. So much so, that the next adaptation of Moon knight in real action starring Oscar Isaac has shown a first preview of just half a minute but in which we already see the fearsome night watchman in full action.

First scenes of Moon Knight in the MCU

Thus, and thanks to the special dedicated to Moon Knight of about 15 minutes published on Disney +, we have been able to enjoy the first scenes of this new series starring the famous actor Oscar Isaac which will also have Ethan Hawke in the role of villain. This first video clip has shown us the transformation of Marc Spector in the night watchman Moon Knight through a voice that says “Debora’s voice in your head”, in reference to the protagonist’s tormented mind.

Moon Knight is a global adventure with a vigilante complex suffering from dissociative identity disorder. The multiple identities that live within it are fully involved in a deadly war of the gods in the background of modern and ancient Egypt ”, tells us the official synopsis shared by Marvel Studios. And it is that thanks to these first images of Moon Knight we see its protagonist giving a brutal beating to someone in a bathroom or the Moon Knight himself jumping between the roofs of a city.

Moon Knight, directed by Mohamed Diab, is scheduled to premiere on Disney + sometime in 2022, on a date yet to be specified. Thanks to Disney+ Day We have also been able to enjoy the first teaser trailer of She Hulk, another of the series belonging to the UCM that will reach the Disney streaming platform in 2022.

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