Moorings, a series of laughter, witchcraft and freedom with the magic of Gabriela de la Garza

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In the last five years, women have become the accountants of Mexican realities through the screen. Behind and in front of cameras they have found in fiction a conduit to give voice and presence to everyday characters from different national settings. One of them is Gabriela de la Garza, actress who stars Moorings, the first series of HBO Max Latin America in Mexico.

Giving life to Ana, De la Garza fragments through the genre of comedy a woman complex due to her nature and circumstances. Among the complexities that surround it is the confrontation with prejudices towards taboo subjects that prevail in our society, such as witchcraft, recreational use of marijuana, religious beliefs and polyamory. She also does it as the mother of three children she must watch for at all times. In this sense, she is also a mother who breaks the traditional mold with which maternal figures are identified in our country.

“Ana portrays a woman in her multiple dimensions. Not just a mother, not just a woman who goes to work every day to support her children. Ana is many things, just as all women are. It addresses the playful use of marijuana, how a free woman like her can live her life being a functional pacheca and deal at home with three children so different from each other: one with different capacities, another in adolescence with her rebellion and a daughter little girl who believes in something completely opposite when it comes to religion ”, comments the actress in an exclusive interview with Spoiler.

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And it is that in social networks several women have expressed feeling identified with Ana, but questioning whether it is right or wrong to feel that way. The funny thing is that they have done it from paying attention to the trailer. For this reason, Gabriela de la Garza foresees that the series will move sensitive fibers from more female audiences than in real life that matches the character that she characterizes in fiction.

For example, another element that the series reflects has to do with the affective relationships that are currently being built and that are often criticized or questioned by a conservative sector: “Polyamory is addressed, about the freedom that a woman currently has to live her life and her sexuality as she sees fit without giving explanations to anyone.”

Identified and typecast by some viewers as an actress with roles linked to sensuality, Gabriela de la Garza leaves that profile with a character who has challenged her because of the seriousness that comedy entails, mostly good comedy, and nothing like what he’s played in previous jobs.

“It has been one of the most beautiful projects of my entire career because they let me propose and do things that are very different from what I have done before. I loved the subject (witchcraft), which I did not know so much about. Besides, comedy is a genre that I have not explored much and it is a path that I enjoy because personally now I am looking to do something that makes me laugh, that entertains me ”, share.

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Just as entering comedy is serious business, entering the world of witchcraft is also serious. So that Ana can elaborate spells and ties in the series of HBO Max Latin America, the actress must have drenched herself thoroughly such a real and cultural universe in Mexico that ranges from the popular calzón tea to pre-Hispanic rituals.

“I did everything. I honestly came to witches to tell them “I don’t come looking for a job, I come to learn from you. I want you to teach me, I want you to tell me what people come looking for, what you do, how you do it ”. You have to live that environment, you have to breathe it. You realize that witchcraft is part of our idiosyncrasy ”, delves into the interview with Spoiler.

Between the process of building his character and finally seeing him in frame, Gabriela de la Garza concludes that witchcraft, beyond being a magical act, is an act of desire: “What works is the intention, the faith in what we are doing. We have been forgetting the power of our mind, that the intention of our words exists. What happens is that they have not taught us, or they have not programmed us to recognize it, but it is real ”.

In this way, the actress personifies a woman who will give something to talk about with the first production of HBO Max Latin America in Mexico. From the outset, due to the trailer, he already gets it on social networks. And that is just the first spell of Ana / Gabriela de la Garza.

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