Morbius: brutal scene of his transformation, new poster and opening of the multiverse

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Morbius, the next movie by Sony Pictures next to Marvel with actor and singer Jared Leto as the main protagonist, continues to share new promotional materials for its theatrical release at the end of next January 2022. So much so, that we have a exclusive new scene of the film with Spanish dubbing, plus a new poster with a close-up of Michael Morbius, both in his normal and transformed version. In addition, the own Jared Leto has shared a video clip in which he explains various things about the film, as well as mentioning Spider-Man No Way Home, the multiverse and … the sinister six?

New extended scene and Morbius poster

Thus, this new scene that we can see heading this news shows us several minutes of footage with Castilian dubbing in which Morbius is in the hold of a ship, apparently, returning from the search for his healing. But the mercenaries who are also on the ship will soon provoke a Morbius in full transformation, unleashing an authentic bloodbath and terror while Morbius hunts down the attackers.

On the other hand, we have a shocking new poster with a close-up of Jared Leto, half as Michael Morbius, half as Morbius. And if that weren’t enough, the actor himself stars in a video clip in which he speaks openly about what Morbius represents for the multiverse which is currently opening between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios:

“The film version of Morbius that we bring you now is also part of a much larger universe. If you’ve seen the latest trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home, you’ll know that the multiverse has officially opened up, and that there are all kinds of opportunities for the villains to reunite, thrive, and perhaps even fuel their more sinister intentions. That’s all I’m going to say for now, ”Leto concludes.

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Morbius The January 28, 2022.

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