Morbius director accidentally revealed Venom will appear in his film

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Sony is developing, step by step, its own universe of characters marvel brand. In that sense, there are two upcoming films that excite fans: the sequel to Venom and the first entry of Morbius. The idea of ​​the producer is that Spider-Man ends up appearing in that continuity, which apparently has nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, lead by Kevin Feige.

However, the lines between universes are blurred and we know that Michael Keaton will appear in the movie of Living vampire What Adrian Toomes, better known as The vulture in the MCU. The director of the film, with a cast led by Jared Leto, he is enthusiastic about the actors he had to direct. So much so, that his subconscious played a trick on him in an interview.

Tom Hardy confirmed in Morbius

The filmmaker responsible for Morbius, The Living Vampire, it is Daniel Espinosa, of Swedish origin. When asked how he felt about taking over a Hollywood mega production, the director said that the difference is in the proper names of the movie. Long-standing figures in the seventh art, accustomed to flashes and advertising.

“The recording looks like a Swedish production, until you read names like Jared Leto, Michael Keaton y Tom Hardy. So it feels great and very exciting! Once you start working it is exactly the same. The actor wants a director to direct him“were the words of Espinosa that revealed Venom’s involvement on your tape.

The truth is that, officially, there is no confirmation about any intervention of Venom in the movie of vampire. There was not even speculation on the part of the insiders. It wouldn’t be weird that Sony want to connect its properties to give shape to its Marvel Characters Universe. Morbius It will be released next January 2022. Espinosa’s interview … ¿ error o puro marketing?

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