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More easter eggs surprises from the second episode of “What If …?”

Episode two of What If…? by Disney+ is an emotional farewell for Chadwick Boseman and is full of surprises and the acquaintances andaster eggs they are little gifts for the watchful eye. In this case, Yondu and the ravages they kidnap T’Challa of Wakanda by mistake. However, the young man proves to have an explorer’s soul that will change the nature of his fellow travelers and transform them into heroes. The first sequence shows how Korath recognize the new Star-Lord, something that in Guardians of the Galaxy does not occur.

Then, Star-Lord meets with his team of ravages, which act as “Robin Hood” galacticos, as highlighted Yondu in the episode. First surprise: Thanos is part of the team. The Mad Titan acknowledge that T’Challa convinced him that his plan to eliminate half the universe “it was not necessary”. His daughter nebula It is also part of the ravages, with a less cybernetic look.

T’Challa makes history in the galaxy

The new mission of this unique group will take them to the base of operations of The collector. The villain has some very powerful allies: the Black Order, the group of children of Thanos that faced the Avengers in Infinity War and Endgame. T’Challa you will find many surprises in this place. Some of the living trophies of the Collector they are popular: the soviet bitch At a time, the first living being to be sent into space and Howard the Duck.

Star-Lord faces the Collector and the fight has details that the watchful eye should not miss. First: the villain uses the hand of Korg to hit T’Challa. At one point, the Collector look for other weapons and you can see the shield of the Captain America and the Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer. The helmet of the Goddess of Death, Hela.

More surprises? A ship They wrote to me with a special message for T’Challa she is kidnapped in this place and the hero discovers her. In this way, he decides to return to Earth with his companions to see his father. Star-Lord He will always have the soul of an explorer, but his family is also important to him.

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