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More than friends ?: The Crown will delve into a controversial relationship between Felipe de Edimburgo

Even though they don’t look at Buckingham Palace The Crown, the fact that there are still two seasons to be released does not let them breathe in peace. Although, now, its focus is on the fifth edition, which will probably premiere on Netflix next year and, in fact, is already in the process of production. And, while there is no official date yet, some details have already driven the Windsors crazy.

This is because, according to chronological order, Peter Morgan will capture the most controversial decades of the monarchy. Going from the 90s to the 2000s, The Crown it will not ignore historical moments like the divorce of Princes Diana and Charles or her fateful accident. But, who is not far behind in the chapters of this new season is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Despite the fact that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II died on April 9 and since 2017 he stopped having a public agenda, the consort had 70 years of pristine service to the crown. But, in the midst of those tasks and those “three steps behind LilibethScandals were part of his life. And, as in the first seasons, in this edition the Duke will also be affected.

Philip of Edinburgh and his “three steps behind Lilibeth”. Photo: (Getty)

It is that, this time, The Crown will delve into one of the most controversial ties that Felipe de Edimburgo had. It is about their relationship Penny Knatchnull, Countess of Mountbatten from Burma and who was always considered her closest friend.. Likewise, this woman was also known as the third most important woman in the life of the Prince after his daughter, Ana and his wife, Elizabeth II.

But, beyond the fact that they always considered each other friends, it was often speculated that there was something more in their relationship. What’s more, the book Prince Philip Revealed ensures that those involved in this story used to show their affection both in public and in private. Apparently, this bond was strengthened when in 1991, Penny lost her youngest daughter, Leonora, to kidney cancer at the age of five.

Philip of Edinburgh and Lady Penny.  Photo: (Getty)

Philip of Edinburgh and Lady Penny. Photo: (Getty)

He was a great support to her during a moment of unimaginable pain”, Came to reveal a source close to Daily Mail at the time. So much so that in the fifth season Penny will be one of the great protagonists and will be played by Natascha McElhone. Of course, it remains to be seen what will count The Crown actually.

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