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More trouble for the Crown: Lady Di’s brother ruined their shoot

Although the filming of the fifth season of The Crown, the idea of ​​a new part continues to cause a stupor in Windsor. Is that, in the next episodes, Peter Morgan will capture, according to the chronology with which he was managing, the decade from the 90s to the 2000s, which includes the “annus horribilis” of 92 and the worst tragedy in the history of the Royal House: the passing of Lady Di.

The first time the Princess of Wales appeared in The Crown It was in the previous season, the fourth, since the years in which he met Prince Charles and how his story began were captured. The young Diana, daughter of the Earl of Spencer, came to the life of the heir to the throne after meeting him in his own house when he was preparing to go out with his older sister, Lady Elizabeth Sarah.

The interpreters of Lady Di and Prince Charles in The Crown. Photo: (Netflix)

However, for the production of the series it was very difficult to find a way to tell the life of the one known as the princess of the people. This is because, not only from Buckingham they tried to avoid it, but also his younger brother, Earl Charles Spencer, the current Earl of Spencer and who was in charge of complicating the filming of the fourth season and, also, the fifth.

When work began on the latest edition published on Netflix, Morgan asked the Count if he was willing to give up his home in Althorp to be able to film there, but he flatly refused and clarified that he will not give them the space for the new episodes. “What worries me is that people see a series like this and forget that it is fiction. There is a lot of conjecture and a lot of invention“, He told in an interview with Today.

Earl Charles Spencer was the one who refused to help The Crown.  Photo: (Getty)

Earl Charles Spencer was the one who refused to help The Crown. Photo: (Getty)

In turn, Diana’s brother explained that, for him, it is his duty to defend the mother of Princes William and Harry even from a series such as The Crown to make sure your legacy is not clouded by tabloid descriptions. “We grew up together, if you grow up with someone, they are still that person, no matter what happens to them afterwards. So yeah, I feel like I have a role to honor her memory“, Hill.

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