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Morgan Wallen to Officially Release Fan-Favorite Ballad 'Lies Lies Lies'

Morgan Wallen to Officially Release Fan-Favorite Ballad ‘Lies Lies Lies’

Morgan Wallen’s consecutive-year stretch of flooding summer’s radio and streaming airwaves with multitudes of hit singles will continue via his July 5, 2024 release of the ballad “Lies Lies Lies.”

The song’s release is a calculated gamble on a long-tail theory that correlates Morgan Wallen’s global popularity with the sustainability of his equivalent of over 100 million singles sold in the past decade.

The ballad that the Academy of Country Music and Billboard Award-winning artist is releasing isn’t exactly “new.” In March, the song was released with six other tracks as part of a seven-song acoustic recording session at Studio Two at London’s Abbey Road Studios on Dec. 5, 2023, before his performance at the English capital city’s O2 Arena.

In a room where Adele, The Beatles, Oasis, Pink Floyd, and Ed Sheeran (among many) laid down tracks, Wallen re-recorded quintuple-platinum-selling album “One Thing At A Time” songs “Thinkin’ Bout Me,” “Sunrise,” “Everything I Love,” “I Wrote The Book,” and “I Deserve A Drink,” as well as “Lies Lies Lies,” and a never-before-recorded cover of British alternative rock band Nothing But Thieves’ “Graveyard Whistling.”

The song is written by Academy of Country Music and Billboard award-winning songwriter Jessie Jo Dillon, alongside Josh Miller, Daniel Ross, and Chris Tompkins.

Wallen’s official studio release of “Lies Lies Lies” coincides with his return to London — alongside openers Riley Green, ERNEST, Ella Langley, Alana Springsteen, Zandi Holup, and more — for his first-ever headlining set at BST Hyde Park London on July 4.

The song, a lovestruck attempt to convince a past love that he’s moved on before admitting he’s lying, is a stripped-down highlight of his One Night At A Time tour, which made a trio of Nashville stops just two months ago.

Those tour dates occurred before Wallen’s most recent mega success, “I Had Some Help,” his six-week No. 1 hit with Post Malone.

Wallen’s 2024 follows the success of 2023’s 16-week all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper and Spotify’s Song of the Summer “Last Night” with a double-play of top 10 country radio hits: “Everything I Love,” which interpolated the Allman Brothers’ “Midnight Rider,” and “Thinkin’ Bout Me.”

Source: Nashville Tennessean