Moscow imposes the highest restrictions since June 2020 in the face of records of covid-19 cases in Russia

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This Thursday they started in Moscow (Russia) non-working days and the application of other measures to contain the increase in the spread of covid-19.

The restrictions to fight the coronavirus will remain in effect from October 28 to November 7 in the Russian capital. Likewise, the period of non-working days applies at the national level from October 30 to November 7.

Among other decisions, in Moscow the operation of most companies and organizations belonging to the commercial and services sector was suspended, “with the exception of the sale of medicines, food and other basic necessities,” according to the municipal ordinance. Thus, from this day on, non-food stores, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, among other establishments, were temporarily closed.

Similarly, dental consultations will not be enabled, except in emergency cases.

In this period will apply the strictest measures to fight coronavirus since June 2020, since the country largely resumed its normal activities after the end of the confinement imposed more than a year ago.

During the last 24 hours, 40,096 new cases of covid-19 have been registered in Russia, marking a maximum in the number of infections, according to data from the federal operational headquarters to fight the coronavirus. Likewise, the mortality rate has broken records for three consecutive days and this Wednesday there were 1,159 deaths due to the pandemic.

In Moscow, a total of 95 deaths and 8,440 new infections were reported on Wednesday.

On the other hand, official data report 53 million people who have been inoculated in Russia with one or two doses of the vaccine, and of these, 49 million have received the complete regimen. Since the start of the pandemic, the country has accumulated more than eight million cases of covid-19.

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