Moscow is confined again: schools, restaurants and non-essential shops are closed due to the rise in covid-19 cases

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Moscow imposes additional measures to those announced yesterday by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, communicated this Thursday on his website the mayor of the Russian capital, Sergei Sobianin.

  • In particular, the period of non-working days, established at the national level between October 30 and November 7, will begin in the city two days before, already on October 28.
  • During this period, the operation of the majority of companies and organizations of the city in the sectors of commerce, services, “with the exception of the sale of medicines, food and other basic necessities, will be suspended.” The measure affects “public catering, sports, culture, recreation, entertainment, film projection and other [esferas]“, Highlights the mayor, detailing that the sale of goods and services at a distance will continue.
  • Likewise, the provision of public services by the multifunctional ‘My Documents’ centers and in the buildings of the territorial power bodies will cease, except for urgent cases of civil status registration. As with companies, the restriction does not apply to remote services.
  • Holidays are announced in kindergartens and schools. Likewise, the work of extracurricular activities organizations is suspended. Middle and higher training centers and universities will maintain their activity at a distance.
  • In medical organizations, both routine and emergency care will continue to be provided.
  • The operation of the theaters and museums is allowed only under the following conditions: occupancy will be less than 50%, only vaccinated visitors will be accepted and they must wear masks.
  • Likewise, mass events of all kinds are prohibited, with the exception of those organized by national authorities or approved by the Russian health agency Rospotrebnadzor.

  • Regarding the measures that will come into effect after non-business days, from November 8, free trips will be suspended for seniors who have not been vaccinated or who do not have proof of having suffered from covid-19 in the last six months.
  • Theaters and museums will operate at 70% capacity.
  • Vaccination and the use of masks will be required to visit these institutions, as well as public events.
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The measures were adopted in light of the increase in covid-19 cases in the city, Sobianin stressed.

“The situation in Moscow also continues to develop according to the worst case scenario. In the coming days we will reach historic peaks in the incidence of covid-19,” the mayor wrote.

Non-working days in Russia

On Wednesday, Putin supported the measures proposed by the government to contain the increase in daily cases of covid-19. In addition to declaring non-working days, it adopted a broader set of measures, such as restricting access to certain spaces for unvaccinated people, introducing two non-working days after inoculation, or transferring employees over 60 years of age to the teleworking regime, among others. In addition, the number of covid-19 detection tests is expected to increase. The salary of employees whose companies do not work during that period will be fully maintained, Putin stressed. For its part, the business sector will receive state aid that will include both grants and loans.

According data Officially, 51 million people in Russia have been inoculated with one or two doses of the vaccine, 47.6 million of whom have received the full regimen. Since the start of the pandemic, the country has accumulated a total of 8 million infections.

“The situation regarding coronavirus infection remains difficult in the country. The rate of spread of the infection has increased significantly in some regions. At the same time, the vaccination rate of citizens remains low,” Putin said.

This Thursday, Russia broke its record of infections and daily deaths from the infection. In total, a total of 1,036 people died and 36,339 ill since Wednesday.

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