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Moscow: The idea of ​​Putin’s speech at the Valdai Forum is that Russia is willing to cooperate but will not allow the West to “teach it lessons”

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said this Sunday that “it would be absurd” to perceive Vladimir Putin’s statements at the Valdai Forum as a new “confrontation” with the West on the basis of values, since the president wanted to convey the idea that Moscow is ready to cooperate, but will not allow Western countries to teach it lessons.

“It would be absurd to perceive [las palabras de Putin] like another confrontation. Naturally, there are already enthusiasts who almost compare his speech to the Munich speech. At the time, the essence of the Munich speech was not understood, it was not confrontational at all. And even less today, the president did not speak of confrontation“, he pointed Peskov al canal Rossiya-1.

“From my point of view, the meaning of what has been said boils down to the fact that We are not going to give lessons to anyone and you are not going to give lessons to us. We can and will allow ourselves to live the way we want. At the same time, we will be happy to be friends with you and cooperate, but don’t you dare give us lessons, we won’t tolerate it anymore“the spokesperson stressed.

During his speech at the Valdai discussion club forum, which took place this Thursday, Vladimir Putin spoke, among other things, about authentic values, emphasizing the value of life and family. The Russian head of state noted that the fight for equality and against discrimination in the West turns into “aggressive dogmatism bordering on absurd”, while the “obsessive emphasis” on racial issues “further divides” people. .

In addition, the president said that in several European countries the discussion about the gender rights of men and women “has become a total phantasmagoria.” In this sense, Putin showed his support for a “rational conservatism”, whose importance as the basis of a political course increased in the current conditions in the world.

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