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Mother and son find a letter from 100 years ago that reveals a shameful extramarital affair – MAG.

The history of humanity is plagued with clandestine loves that were never discovered. However, a mother and her 14-year-old son found a letter under some tile in their Preston home. United Kingdom, which reveals an extramarital affair that, at least, was one of great passion which, strangely enough, dates back 100 years.

It all happened when the teenager was tidying up her roomSuddenly, the television falls to the floor, immediately producing the breakage of some tiles. Noticing this, he decided to remove them, but he would soon realize that highlighted a very worn piece of paper.

Dawn Cornes, the mother, explained it this way: “While we were cleaning (…) my son said: ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if we found something hidden, like the deeds to the house?’, the woman recounted.

Cornes He detailed that the type of writing is not entirely clear, so he decided to take a photo of him with his cell phone, and then publish it in a group of Facebook asking for help with a correct translation of the letter.

Soon, users of this social network gave the precise transcription that reads the following: “Honey, my being I would like you to try to come see me every morning. Please do not tell anyone because it must be a secret only for your ears and mine, because if someone were to find out that you are meeting me and that you are a married woman there would be problems, so remember that, dear “.

But, the letter does not end there, in fact, it continues with much more love: “I love you very much. Don’t say it and meet me every day, if you can, at midnight on the corner of fulwood streetcar. Hope to see you, darling. Your boy ronald, concludes.

Although the letter is not dated, those who did the transcription believe that would date from 1920, the latter would make sense because the Fulwood streetcar it stopped operating just over 80 years ago.

Stumble Cornes revealed in Facebook find herself very happy to have found this letter and the story behind it: “We thought it was a very sweet love letter. We were very excited to find her “According to what the woman said, the house would have been built in 1917, a residence to which they moved 6 months ago.

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