Mother reveals ingenious method of hanging lights on Christmas tree

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December has just started and Christmas is being breathed closer and closer, one of the most anticipated dates by millions of people around the world and one of the protagonists of these holidays is the Christmas tree. For this reason, Tamara Weatherbee, a woman from USA, It has been become a trend from Tiktok for applying a novel trick to hang holiday lights in a short time.

And it is that for many people it is quite a Ordeal decorating the house with Christmas decorations, There are not a few who suffer trying to mount the characteristic tree of these festivals, among other things, because they find it very tedious, for example, untangle the lights, spend hours wrapping them up.

Therefore, for those who suffer more than necessary with these preparations is that Tamara has revealed his technique which promises to save a lot of time. She, who rates herself as “A mother trying to survive”, she is very busy and does not have much space to “spend it” in decorations.

Therefore, he explains it as follows: “If you are still wrapping your lights around and around your tree (…) then this video is for you. This is a Christmas light trick I learned last year.

What does it consist of? Simple, instead of circling the tree at all times, she posits that it is vital start from the bottom; from here you must advance until you reach the top: “Then take your next set of lights and do the next section starting at the top one (…) So you can plug in the lights.”.

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According to what it explains Tamara This method will save time, it will also make this task much more bearable, which has surprised users of Tiktok who are already looking for ingenious ways to apply this method in the shortest possible time.

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