Mother says she prepares her 18-year-old daughter “for success” by charging her rent

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A mother named Kat Clark, who lives in New Zealand, has become the center of attention in several social networks after ensuring that he prepares his 18-year-old daughter “for success” when collecting rent from you. Read this note and you will know the details.

It all started when the mother posted a video on her account TikTok (), where he had fun with his daughter Latisha in the game where two people try to throw a pen into a cup while saying something that their ‘rival’ must fulfill if the throw is correct.

“I don’t have to pay the rent the rest of the year.”, said the young woman that time before throwing a pencil and failing. As a result of this recording, criticism of the mother was not long in coming. Many users considered that it is wrong to charge you because you are only 18 years old.

That is why Kat decided to publish another video where she asked Internet users to stop talking about the issue and revealed the reason for her actions. “Point one, shut up. Literally shut up “he began by saying. Then he said: “I’ve had so many negative comments about charging Latisha for rent or food and I don’t want to hear them.”.

“Second point, she pays 50 dollars a week and (that money) goes to an investment fund so that when she is old enough to move, or when she wants to buy her first house or her first apartment, she will have money there.”added. “So I feel like I’m setting her up for success, while at the same time teaching her about the real world because she’s not free to live.”, Held. This clip has already gone around the world.

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In the case of Peru, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights noted that children are required by law to help their parents to cover their basic needs, when the latter cannot take care of themselves, either due to physical limitations, health or financial problems. In a statement, the portfolio explained that the support to establish the maintenance obligation in favor of the parents is based on article N ° 474 of the Civil Code, which states that “The father of a family who is in a state of financial need and unable to support himself may claim alimony from his children of legal age”, reports the newspaper .

If your children have become adults and you are not yet ready to leave the family nest, why not ask them to contribute to the family budget? An article from the site offers some ideas on what to do to make your household’s budget cycle a little fairer for everyone, as well as make your “offspring” do more of their part at home.

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