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Motley Crue’s Immortality Plan: Avatars, Avatars, and More Avatars

Nikki Sixx recently expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of Motley Crue continuing as avatars once the real-life band members are no longer around.

The bassist believes that this approach, provided it maintains certain values, could keep their music alive for generations. “I love technology,” Sixx commented during an interview with Swedish radio station Rockklassiker. “I think [it’s good] as long as it’s coming from an artist that says, ‘I have something I wanna do and this technology is gonna help.’”

He candidly acknowledged mortality: “At some point, we’re not gonna be here anymore.… not to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s just not gonna happen. And how great for your band – or whatever it is that you do – to be able to go forward for generations and generations. So I think, when the time is right, put us in a coffin and fire up those avatars.”

Sixx reminisced about Motley Crue’s history with advanced presentation techniques, saying, “We did some stuff with holograms years ago, before the technology was really fleshed out.”

Reflecting on the band’s recent video for the single “Dogs of War,” Sixx contrasted it with their first music video. “When I think of our first video… [it] maybe cost $1,000. There was no MTV at the time, so it was like, ‘How can we shoot a video that [gets people to] talk about us on the news when we tour?’”

He continued, “And we were lighting me on fire on stage at the time, and Mick [Mars] puked up some blood. And it was just like, ‘Fuck it – let’s just throw everything in there!’ And that was what we did to get fans to see what we wanna be represented as. The same as ‘Dogs Of War.’”

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