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Moulin Rouge’s Windmill Restored After Stunning Collapse

PARIS — On Friday, Paris’ iconic Moulin Rouge cabaret celebrated the return of its emblematic red windmill with an eventful ceremony that featured traditional can-can dancers performing on the plaza outside.

Earlier this year, the windmill’s massive sails unexpectedly collapsed following a performance at the renowned venue. This incident, described by the management as a technical problem, also caused part of the cabaret’s illuminated sign to fall to the ground. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and local authorities assured the public that the structure was not at risk.

The Moulin Rouge took swift action to restore the damage, aiming to complete the repairs before the Olympic torch relay passes through the area on July 15. This relay is anticipated to attract a large audience, making it crucial for the cabaret to present itself in its full glory.

The red windmill, a symbol of the Montmartre neighborhood and bohemian Paris lifestyle, was first lit up on October 6, 1889, marking the grand opening of the Moulin Rouge. The cabaret, celebrating its 135th anniversary this year, continues to be a major draw for tourists from around the globe. The venue was immortalized in the 2001 film musical directed by Baz Luhrmann, starring Nicole Kidman.

According to the management of the Moulin Rouge, the cabaret’s performers hail from 18 different nationalities, and it attracts around 600,000 spectators annually. The recent incident didn’t dampen the spirits of the performers or the management, who worked diligently to ensure the swift restoration of the windmill.

As the Moulin Rouge continues its tradition of dazzling performances and rich history, it remains an essential cultural landmark in Paris, drawing both locals and tourists to its vibrant shows and historic facade.

Source: AP News