Movies and series for the weekend on Netflix, Movistar +, Disney +: Hellbound, the new The Squid Game

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The week ends, and the long-awaited weekend arrives. A weekend in which if you are lucky enough to have it free -there are those who work / study-, you can do whatever you want, from spending it outside the home to staying calm in a movie + blanket plan. And if you choose the latter, we have up to 26 new releases that you can see depending on the VOD content platform you have.

The biggest premiere is undoubtedly Netflix, which today launches a new anime ‘live action’ – and is already showing the cast of the One Piece it is preparing – such as that of the cult manganime Cowboy Bebop, The strongest bet of the month for Netflix, with a live-action version of the iconic Japanese work, a kind of space western with the bounty hunter Bebop and his companions as they go through the universe hunting criminals, with a sound and styles pure anime 80s.

But also Hellbound: Heading to Hell, a Korean original Netflix series created by the director of the brutal Train to Busan and already branded as the new The Squid Game – although it does not seem likely that it will become a phenomenon like the previous one.

On Amazon Prime Video have Everybody Loves Natti, about the intimate life of the Dominican singer Natti Nathasha. And for those who like the theme of fantastic worlds, an original Prime called The wheel of time, set in a universe in which only some women can access the magic that this world offers. The story follows the character of Moiraine after his arrival in a small town in Dos Río where he will embark on a dangerous journey with five young men.

Premiere series on Netflix

November 19th

  • Cowboy Bebop, temporada 1
  • Heading to Hell, Season 1
  • The Mind, in a nutshell, season 2

November 21

  • Operation Ecstasy, season 3

First-run movies on Netflix

November 19th

  • Tick, tick…Boom!
  • We have become extinct!
  • Love me anyway
  • The Addams Family (2019)
  • The sinister cabin

Premiere Documentaries and Realities on Netflix

November 20

  • A New World, Season 1
  • Blown Away: Christmas Season 1

Premiere movies on Movistar +

Friday 19th

A promising young woman

22: 00h in Movistar Premieres 2 (dial 31). Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (Emerald Fennell) for this fascinating and transgressive film about female power and revenge starring Carey Mulligan (‘Suffragettes’, ‘Shame’, ‘An Education’), whose performance earned her an Oscar nomination. This surprising debut in the direction of the actress and screenwriter Emerald Fennell (Camilla Parker Bowles in ‘The Crown’), mixes thriller and black comedy to tell the story of the beautiful and very intelligent Cassie, a young woman from whom everyone expected a great future … until something twisted it.

Saturday 20th

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

22: 00h at Movistar Premieres (dial 30). Singer Andra Day was nominated for an Oscar 2021 for her portrayal of Billie Holiday in this biopic about the FBI’s persecution of the unforgettable jazz singer. Directed by Lee Daniels (Oscar nominee for ‘Precious’ and creator of series like ‘Empire’, the film shows Billie Holiday, a young black woman raised in a US slum who has a dream: to succeed as a jazz singer and pop.

Premiere series on Movistar +

Friday 19th

Perfect life. Season 2. Original Movistar.

Created and directed by Leticia Dolera, who also signs the script with Manuel Burque. In this final season the directors Lucía Alemany (‘La inocencia’, two Goya nominations) and Irene Moray (‘Suc de Síndria’, Goya to the fiction short film) direct one episode each. The main female trio of the series, formed by Dolera together with Celia Freijeiro and Aixa Villagrán, is accompanied in this second season by a well-known cast.

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Premiere movies in Amazon Prime Video

19 november

  • The wheel of time

Premiere documentaries in Amazon Prime Video

19 november

  • Everybody loves Natti
  • Spanish soccer team. The strength of the group

Premiere movies in Disney+

19 november

  • Alatriste
  • The longest journey
  • Spies
  • The battle of the sexes
  • Hitman

Premiere documentaries in Disney+

19 november

  • Sobibor: The Great Escape. Nat Geo – Documentary
  • Water and Power: California’s Water Drama – Documentary

Premiere movies on Filmin

19 november


Christopher Walken is a farmer taking on a large corporation in this drama based on a true story that set off alarms about genetically modified crops.

Valhalla Rising

The cult work of Nicolas Winding Refn and the film Ryan Gosling called him to direct his superb Drive, Valhalla Rising recounts a bloody Viking legend, with Mads Mikkelsen leading the cast as an enigmatic warrior with superhuman strength. Hypnotic, fascinating, visceral and beast like her alone.


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