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Movies coming to Netflix in September 2021

Netflix It is one of the leaders in the world of streaming and its strategy of renewing the different alternatives that its catalog presents every month is essential to stay on top. In that sense, the films that it offers to its subscribers are part of the main course of the popular service that includes its own productions within its proposals.

September comes with many surprises for subscribers of the service. Movies for all tastes and ages that will continue to grow this streaming giant. Alternatives that will seduce different audiences, but that ultimately have the ability to enhance a brand that is synonymous with success: Netflix.

+ Movies coming to Netflix in September 2021

Beyond the Party | 9/2/2021

Cassie lives for fun, until she dies in an accident. Now, he must make amends for his mistakes on Earth to get his wings in the afterlife.

Photo Credits: Netflix

How Much is Life Worth? | 3/9/2021

In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in the US, an attorney must attempt to determine the monetary value of the lives that were lost. Based on real events.

Vinterviken | 8/9/2021

Although they live in the same city, Elisabeth and John-John inhabit different worlds. Can a passionate first love break down social and cultural barriers?

Kate | 10/9/2021

In Tokyo, a ruthless killer has been poisoned before her latest mission. You now have less than 24 hours to find out who did it and exact revenge.

Tales at Nightfall | 9/15/2021

A child fanatic of scary stories must tell a scary tale every night. If you don’t, you are forever trapped in an evil witch’s apartment.

Photo Credits: Netflix

The Starling | 9/24/2021

As she tries to move on after a painful loss and support her husband in his recovery, a woman fights a bird that has taken over the garden.

Photo Credits: Netflix

Nobody gets out alive | 9/29/2021

A story about a haunted house, a harsh tale of immigrant life, and a world where folklore can become terrifyingly real and terrifying.

Photo Credits: Netflix

Love Dogs

A car accident will serve as an excuse to connect the lives of different strangers in the same situation. Three different stories are the focus of this story that marked the debut of Alejandro González Iñarritú as director.

Photo Credits: Netflix

+ Documentaries and specials

Uncovered: Break Point | 9/7/2021

The pressure to continue the winning tradition of the United States in tennis led Mardy Fish to deal with his mental health, something that affected his personal and sports life.

Photo Credits: Netflix

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali | 9/9/2021

From a chance encounter to a tragic outcome, the extraordinary bond between Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali is broken under the weight of mistrust and a change of ideals.

Schumacher | 15/9/2021

Documentary that explores in depth the life of Michael Schumacher, icon of Formula 1 and owner of a challenging and daring spirit.

Photo Credits: Netflix

+ Children and family

Mission in the Snow: An Interactive You vs. Wild | 9/14/2021

After a plane crash, Bear suffers from amnesia and must make decisions to save the missing pilot and survive in this high-stakes interactive adventure.

Photo Credits: Netflix

My Little Pony: New Generation | 9/24/2021

Equestria is divided. But one heroine believes that land ponies, pegasi, and unicorns should be friends. And gallop to gallop, he’s going to give it his all to prove it.

Tut Tut Cory Racers: Chrissy at the Wheel

From video games to cures for hiccups, Cory Bólidos’ curious little sister Chrissy roams the city in search of fun and adventure.

+ Animated

Yowamushi Pedal | 10/9/2021

By joining the school’s cycling club, Sakamichi Onoda discovers that, with effort and the support of his peers, he can become a true competitor.

Photo Credits: Netflix

The Curse of Hill House / Bly Manor


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