Moving gesture: delivery man earns applause from the networks by fulfilling the dream of a child with autism

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The holiday season continues to give away gestures that can make someone very happy. This was demonstrated in a publication of Facebook that I quickly know viralizó in social networks. The post shows the dream that a child with autism fulfilled thanks to a delivery man.

In the last month of 2021, an employee of the transportation company UPS became a true hero without a cape, as he gave him the adorable Tobin, who has autism spectrum disorder, an experience you will always remember.

According to the child’s mother, Anna-Marie Beard, Tobin has been obsessed with UPS for the past year. He draws pictures of UPS, makes UPS trucks out of his food (including pancakes), and uses his talker to ask when the UPS truck is coming. “.

Once he found out about Tobin’s “obsession”, Josh Jaco, driver of the aforementioned company, took a while and arrived at his home to fulfill his Christmas dream. “We heard the doorbell and there he was, brown package in hand, full of brown hats, a brown uniform with his name on it, and his own brown truck. It made his day ”, mentioned Beard to the portal .

Through her Facebook account, Anna-Marie Beard shared the touching gesture. “Tobin now has his own uniform (with his name on it!), His own hat, and his own brown truck. Thank you Josh for making our boy feel so special. ” wrote.

The reactions were immediate on social networks. More than one netizen was excited when reading Anna-Marie Beard’s publication and applauded the surprise of the delivery man. “I love good people! I’m so happy that Josh surprised him with that ”; “this is incredible!”; “It melts my heart, that shows that there is still much good in this world”; were some of the comments.

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