Movistar + launches exclusive free channel Movistar Vacations: Schedule and dates

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For some years now, Movistar + has taken the habit of launching new channels to coincide with special events throughout the year. Thus, on Halloween 2018, Movistar users were able to enjoy Movistar: Halloween, a new channel that was active for a month showing content close to the October 31 holiday.

And at Christmas of that year, Movistar Navidad Disney, with films and series focused on Uncle Walt’s house and the Christmas holidays.

Movistar Vacations

And this year, the VOD content platform has been pulled out of its sleeve Movistar Vacations, a temporary channel on Dial 28 and also on demand that will go live from December 22 to January 9. Vacations will feature “with contents of cinema, series, documentaries and shorts, a Christmas gift with lots of action, comedy and animation to enjoy together during the Christmas holidays”.

According to Movistar, this will be the outstanding program that we can see, with a mix of family, children’s, Christmas, superheroes, comedies and some 80s classics:

December 24

  • The first Christmas
  • The man who invented Christmas
  • My Christmas with Bob
  • Love Actually

December 25

  • Paddington 1 y 2
  • Vicky the viking
  • Vicky the Viking and Thor’s hammer
  • Heidi by Alain Gsponer
  • My pony friend

December 28

  • Two dumbs so dumbs
  • Grab it however you can
  • A fish named Wanda
  • The prince of Zamunda
  • The fighting sausage

December 31

  • Suicide Squad
  • Spider-Man
  • Wonder Woman
  • League of Justice

January 1

  • Chaos Walking
  • Total Recall o Robocop

January 6

  • Batman: The Lego Movie
  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie
  • Maya the bee. The movie
  • Maya the Bee and the Golden Orb
  • Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of Vegetables
  • Checkered ninja


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