MRT’s Phil Spencer interview: Here’s everything we learned from the head of Xbox

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MRT’s long-running Podcast Unlocked, its 500th episode celebrated with a special guest. Phil Spencer, who is in charge of Microsoft’s Xbox, came to MRT studios.

Ryan McCaffrey, Miranda Sanchez, and Destin Legare chatted in-depth with Phil Spencer, from the current state of the Xbox to Perfect Dark or Halo Infinite. In addition, topics such as Xbox’s journey with Bethesda and what Xbox will do in the next five years were also discussed.

Here are the highlights of MRT’s interview…

Xbox One era challenges impact today’s Xbox

When asked about the 20th anniversary of Xbox this year and the journey to Xbox Series X, and especially the recent Phil Spencer era, the Xbox boss said that the journey interestingly began with the launch of the Xbox One.

“It was a very eye-opening moment for the team. What is our role here? What do we need to do to move forward? We were asked questions like. It was a difficult year for the brand and we learned a lot,” Spencer said.

The Xbox One debut was troubled, and the notoriously confusing E3 presentation promoted the Xbox One as more of an entertainment system than a gaming console. However, Xbox Series X positions games with the console. It also highlights services like backward compatibility and Game Pass.

“We saw what happened to us in the early years of Xbox One when we focused on responding to what we wanted rather than what our customers wanted, with the effect of a cold shower, and much of what we do today is based on experience from it all,” Spencer said. He stated that today’s Xbox team is much different and in a much better position to meet the demands of the community.

Engagement is the most important metric for success for Xbox

One of Xbox’s most successful products, giving access to its library of games on console and PC with a monthly subscription. Xbox Game Pass. However, according to Spencer, the most important metric for Xbox is not whether players buy the console or games, but whether they interact with the Xbox platform.

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“The first scale to see if the business we do is growing; ‘Are more people playing games on the platform?’ The answer to the question. The ratings of the games in the reviews, the console sales, the sales of the games… They don’t matter. For us, the most important indicator that shows that our platform is healthy is interaction,” he said.

At this point, Game Pass is helping to grow, and as a result, Spencer says Xbox is profitable as a business.

Phil Spencer wants to bring family-friendly content to Xbox

In the past, Spencer has talked about shortcomings in the Xbox portfolio. And if one can Japanese game developer He also said he wanted to buy them. With the growth of the Xbox family, Spencer stated that it may be possible to make content suitable for families.

“Looking at the portfolio, I think there’s still an opportunity for us to make family-friendly content,” Spencer said. He also said that geographically diverse teams are also a priority. So he said he wanted to recruit Japanese and even European teams: “When I think about geographic diversity, I realize we still have a lot to do.”

Joanna Dark may attract more female gamers to Xbox

There’s a new Perfect Dark game in development, and according to Spencer, it’s An opportunity to bring more female gamers to Xbox:

“I think that’s great for us. We can focus on female main characters in our games. That’s not so much. I think Joanna [Joanna Dark, oyundaki ana karakter] offers many modern opportunities. I like seeing the team focus on a strong main character.”

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No Xbox studios are using id Tech yet

Zenimax acquisition brought lots of developers to Xbox, also brought important technologies such as id Software’s id Tech. According to Spencer, they are still in the early stages of using this technology, and efforts to bring this technology to Xbox teams have not yet been concluded.

“Work is still ongoing to bring Bethesda and Xbox together, and COVID-19 is making it difficult to situate that,” Spencer said.

Spencer stated that none of the Xbox studios are currently using id Tech, but confirmed that the issue is being discussed. He stated that if they do not want to use it, it will not be a problem.

Spencer said, “We will do a lot of technological mergers. However, we are still in the early stages of the journey and I don’t want to say anything that gets in the way of the conversations.”

The first thing Xbox wants to do about Halo Infinite is announcing the game’s release date.

Spencer has previously stated that he has goals for Halo Infinite to come out in the Christmas period of 2021, and he said that the Xbox team is also clear about it. His hope is that Xbox and 343 will soon announce a definitive release date for the game.

“We’re working on a clear date and the first thing we’re going to do is announce that day,” Spencer said. Also, when the release date was revealed, Spencer stated that he will do whatever it takes to ensure that other teams have the space they need before Halo Infinite launches.

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Xbox still wants to make limited-edition consoles

Silicon chip (chip) shortage has been one of the important technology agendas of this year and has affected companies such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. Xbox is also making balanced trade-offs while adjusting its silicon budget. They are still keen on releasing limited-edition consoles. Spencer has this to say about it:

“In terms of releasing limited-edition consoles and other things, I’m not sure we want to lose that feature. I won’t be announcing these today, but there will be special moments we want to celebrate and at that point they can be announced. At the same time, the chip shortage will be with us for longer and I apologize for that. I will keep wishing.”

“You’ll know when we’re going to release these. As we plan to release these consoles, it’s going to be more about supply and demand than the technology at hand.”

An Xbox Series X Pro won’t be out anytime soon

In the last generation PlayStation and Xbox, systems such as PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were released. However, Spencer next year, there will be no device that players will regret because we bought Xbox Series X. stated.

Spencer said, “These consoles are the consoles we have kept on the market for years, and we made these consoles with this in mind. I love the technology they have and what they can do, and our focus is always here.”

If you want to listen to the full interview in English, MRT US’s Podcast Unlocked Episode 500You can watch it from this link.

By Matt TM Kim.

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