Ms. Marvel: New Official Arts Hint at Different Powers Than Comics

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We already have the first official promotional materials from Ms. Marvel, one of the next series of Marvel Studios which will premiere in Disney+ at the beginning of 2022. So much so that a first image of Kamala Khan in form of promotional art along with several images of caps from the series and whose main image reveals more than expected, pointing to a Ms. Marvel origin different from the one in the comics, as well as her powers, which seem to differ slightly from the abilities of the cartoons.

Ms. Marvel and her bracelet … magical?

Thus, and thanks to these first promotional images, we see Kamala Khan in action, also giving truth to some rumors that have been sounding since its filming this year and that pointed to a new origin away from the inhuman side of the comic book character and getting his powers from a kind of magic bracelet that we can see clearly in this first image.

So much so that it seems that the body transformation powers of Ms. Marvel to make way for a kind of crystal structures that simulate parts of the body of Kamala Khan, this time, a larger fist. Powers that could resemble those of the Green Lantern from DC and his rings of power, capable of creating all kinds of weapons through their own cosmic rays.

We will see if finally Ms. Marvel shows us origins of her powers totally different from those of the comics, something that could also point to a discard of the Inhumans by the UCM after the failure of the Marvel Television series a few years ago based on those characters from the comics.

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Ms. Marvel is scheduled to premiere in Disney+ at the beginning of 2022 on a date yet to be specified, through six episodes that will serve to introduce the character in the next film The Marvels next to Captain Marvel.

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