Much more than Black Widow: all the premieres on Disney + for July 2021

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The second half of 2021 begins and streaming platforms still have a lot to stake in their fight to lead the industry. Disney + will be far from being left behind because it prepares a July with important premieres. Without a doubt, Marvel’s Black Widow takes all eyes, but there will be other releases that will also make you pay attention. Review the complete list!

Scarlett Johansson’s film is slated to be the highlight of the month because it will be the first of the MCU of Phase 4 and the debut of a film from the franchise on the streaming service. It will be released on July 9 at the same time in theaters and on the platform will have an additional cost. Check the prices here.

Marvel releases won’t stop there because the last two episodes of Loki will arrive in July. On the 7th and 14th, the series that is all the rage in the catalog since its arrival will have the final closure. Tom Hiddleston’s show still has a lot to unveil and the final chapters promise to be engaging.

In addition, Disney will have the landing of one of its most anticipated films: Jungle Cruise. Even the tape is compared to Pirates of the Caribbean because it is also based on an amusement park attraction. Dwayne Johnson y Emily Blunt star in this super-production that will premiere in theaters and on Disney + with Premier Access on July 30.

Another arrival that generated a lot of expectation is the series Socios y houesos, inspired by the famous film by Tom Hanks 1989. The program will feature the performance of Josh Peck and will follow a young detective named Scott Turner and his faithful dog Beasley who begin to investigate the murder of an old friend, the owner of Hooch.

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All series and movie premieres on Disney + for July 2021

Jungle Cruise | July 30 (with additional cost)

Glass | July 2nd

Absolutely fabulous | July 9th

Black Widow | July 9 (with additional cost)

Planet of the Apes | July 9th

Origin of the Planet of the Apes | July 16th

Marvel Meet Spidey and his super team | July 21

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | July 23th

War for the Planet of the Apes | July 30

Monsters at work | July 7th

Loki | July 7 and 14

Partners and hounds | July 21

Marvel Legends Episode 9 | July 7th

Empire, season 4 | July 7th

My father, the killer of the zodiac | July 14

The race to the end of the world | July 14

The body of the crime | July 14

Father Made in Usa, new episodes | July 14

How to create an attraction | July 21

Chip and Chop: Life in the Park | 28 of July

Life in pieces | 28 of July

Final warning | 28 of July

Turning the tables with Robin Roberts | 28 of July


Hip Hop Uncovered | July 7th

The valley of success | July 21

Playing with sharks | July 23th

The secrets of the bull shark | July 23th

Shark vs. Surfer | July 23th

Shark vs. tuna | July 23th

Shark vs. whale | July 23th

Sharks and volcanoes | July 23th

Summer of Soul | July 30


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