Much more than Jacob Elordi and Joey King: the true partners of the actors of The Kissing Stand

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The trilogy of The Kisses Stand had an epic close on August 11 when Netflix released the third film. And, with this movie, fans learned not only how Elle and Noah’s story ended, but also how they both moved on with their lives. Starring Joey King and Jacob Elordi, all three tapes of this comedy were a worldwide success.

So much so that, from the first publication of The Kisses Stand In 2018, the lives of the leading actors became in the public interest. That is why, when Jacob Elordi and King confirmed their relationship off set, their fans went crazy. Still, this bond ended earlier than planned, and the actors showed their professionalism by working together again on the next two films.

However, beyond Jacob and Joey rebuilding their lives, many also have an interest in knowing what happens to the rest of the cast. And, that’s why, from Spoiler we tell you, actor by actor who his real partner is.

The real partners of the actors of The Kisses Stand:

Joey King:

After his failed affair with Jacob Elordi, Joey King was first seen as a couple last year. And, it was during the quarantine when she confirmed that she was dating the film director, Steven Piet, whom she met during the filming of The Act. Although the actress does not make her current relationship public, everything indicates that she is better than ever

Joey King and Steven Piet. Photo: (@joeyking)

Jacob Elordi:

The singleness of Jacob Elordi it did not last long. After separating from Joey King, the Australian actor was seen very caramelized with his partner in Euphoria, Zendaya, however, this was nothing more than rumors. But now, today, the Netflix star confirmed his relationship with Kaia Gerber, with whom he has been with for several months.

Joel Courtney:

He is the interpreter of Lee Flynn and one of the most beloved of the entire cast. However, he is not on the radar of love affairs on set. Is that, on Valentine’s Day 2020, the actor got engaged to his girlfriend Mia Scholink whom he married just a few months ago.

Joel Courtney on his wedding day.  Photo: (@joel_courtney)

Joel Courtney on his wedding day. Photo: (@joel_courtney)

Maisie Richardson-Sellers:

The actress arrived on the set of The Kisses Stand 2 to give life to Chloe, Noah’s new friend. Although, since entering this story, Maisie has never been available since she has been in a relationship with the Los Angeles soul singer Clay for five years.

Maisie with her partner, Clay.  Photo: (@maisiersellers)

Maisie with her partner, Clay. Photo: (@maisiersellers)

Meganne Young:

His love life is somewhat difficult to decipher. Since he became known to the world, he has always kept a low profile and when it comes to relationships, he does not usually say anything. Even so, it is speculated that she is dating actor Ben Barnes, although of course, this is something that was never confirmed by either party.

Taylor Zakhar Pérez:

Just like his characters in the movies, Taylor and Jacob Elordi they have a great rivalry. And, one of the reasons would be Joey King herself, who was related to Marco’s interpreter more than once. Anyway, now everything indicates that the actor is single and that he has only one friendship with his partner.


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