Mucho The Crown: a Mexican ambassador gave a speech in English and her accent was the target of memes

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Users of social networks do not forgive anyone. When some video or photo reaches Instagram and TwitterOn the internet, the most agile minds appear to find the smallest detail that allows the publication to be redefined and transformed into a meme. Something like this happened to Josefa González Blanco, the Mexican ambassador to the United Kingdom, who shared an ad and the accent made her video viral.

About 200 thousand people saw the video of the Mexican ambassador where she tells how the agreement with the United Kingdom was to preserve the trade of emblematic drinks of each country, such as tequila and whiskey. But instead of focusing on the ad, on Twitter they began to mock the way he spoke. They largely cited The Crown like the series to which he made them remember his way of speaking.

A viral that they compared to Harry Potter, SNL and, of course, The Crown

The ambassador video Josefa González Blanco was replicated by NoSoyMadonna in a post that exceeded a thousand likes in just a few hours. There, many people responded and made fun of the way he pronounced concepts like “trade”, “Irish” and “preserved”but especially the way he said “September” at the beginning of your speech. Among the answers appeared images of the queen and also of Emma Corrin.

Both the official posting of the Mexican ambassador and the account that replied to it received endless very creative responses. In all of them, there was a series or film different from the one that highlighted the resemblance to a character such as Hermione, from Harry Potter, Mary Poppins O Lady Di on The Crown. Below you can see some of the funniest answers:

(Twitter: 0426ernesto)

twitter harry potter hermione

(Twitter: EdrVaz)

parks and recreation

(Twitter: Enestrada1)

the crown

(Twitter: Lultoto)

mary poppins

(Twitter: Mariana_cercoss)


(Twitter: Mary_equis)

The Crown

(Twitter: Playcamcine)


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