Multiple account users are a “very prevalent” problem on Facebook

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San Francisco (USA), Oct 21 (EFE) .- Users with several accounts open and who, therefore, are counted two or more times in the company’s statistics, are a “very prevalent” problem on Facebook , according to internal documents of the firm accessed by The Wall Street Journal.

This new revelation, part of the series of articles that the New York newspaper has been publishing for weeks after a former employee provided access to internal information, calls into question one of the most relevant metrics for the company’s business: the total figure of users.

According to the Journal, a presentation for internal consumption by Facebook employees themselves this past spring found the problem with people who have more than one account to be “very prevalent”, especially among newly created profiles.

Thus, of some 5,000 recently created accounts that the company examined, between 32% and 56% were considered suspicious of belonging to a user who already had another profile created on the social network.

In addition, the company itself admitted in the presentation that the system it uses to detect these types of cases “tends to count them down”, so the actual figures could be even higher.

The rules of use of Facebook prohibit the same person from having more than one account, and require that it be under their real name to prevent cases of fraud or identity theft.

The number of users of Facebook and the platforms they own (Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) is decisive for advertisers when planning and deciding their campaigns, so if these numbers are questioned, the consequences could be significant.

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In turn, it should be remembered that Facebook is a company that lives fundamentally from advertising.

In a May report of this year also seen by The Wall Street Journal, the company explains how the number of Facebook users in their twenties in the US who log on at least once a month is often higher than the number total number of US residents of that age.

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