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This is a story of love, struggle, and redemption. While Justina waited for a heart donor, his father, Ezequiel Lo Cane, created an online platform to continue her daughter’s wish: “Let’s help everyone we can”. The website is called MultiplicateX7As organ donation from just one person can save up to seven lifes.

Regarding the initiative, Lo Cane explained: “While Justina was waiting for a heart, she inspired to create everything we do. Our first initiative is still alive with the Multiplicatex7 campaign, to generate, inform, raise awareness and inspire about the donation and the transplant organs, ”he explained.

The name of the campaign is related to that the same donor can save up seven lifes, since the organs that can be donated are: kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, pancreas, intestine and bone marrow. “Behind each person transplanted, there are many people, family, friends, who are also saved in some way. The impact of donation and transplantation is enormous for society ”, he highlighted Santiago Villavicencio, surgeon, head of the department of procurement and transplantation at Hospital Ángel Cruz Padilla, in Tucumán.

In this sense, Lo Dog stated: “This website aims to gather information, provide tools and create connecting spaces to assist with the process of donation Y transplant of our country. We are promoters and part of the community of Transplant Helpers -no less than 30 organizations from all over the country that accompany people who are waiting for a transplant or are already transplanted-, and our mission is generate from virtuous networks, increased awareness of the importance of organ donation. And, at the same time, accompany all the patients who need assistance y/o containment, and to be able to offer more ideas and resources to the system ”.

Still, after Justina’s departure, and for his legacy, “We work hard to improve and update the transplant law and on July 4, 2018, his name became life. His law and that of everyone was enacted: Law 27,447 ”, Lo Cane assured. Among the main points of the regulation, the following stand out: the cross donation for kidney transplants between pairs of compatible donors not related by family, without the need for judicial intervention; the creation of the Procurement Service in public and private hospitals that allow guaranteeing the correct detection, evaluation and treatment of donor; and that every person older than 18 years-old is an organ and tissue donor, unless otherwise stated.

Even with the Justina Law in force, the current context posed a great challenge. Organ and tissue procurement was significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We had to adapt to this new scenario. New protocols for donor selection to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus to the receivers. This undoubtedly impacts the amount of organs suitable to be transplanted. In addition, the frequency of flights that transport organs and medical and health resources was affected, ”he said. Villavicencio. “It is important to note that, although transplants have decreased since the beginning of the pandemic, at no time were they interrupted, as has happened in other countries,” he added.

Ezequiel defines himself as an innovator by profession and as such, he applies this point of view to all his activities: “I constantly explore the challenges, which are nourished by direct contact with health experts and with the main actors of the ecosystem of the donation and the organ transplant, both in our country and internationally. In addition, we connect with what happens to the patient and their environment, enriching this view together with the community of Transplant Helpers, to find together improvement opportunities. A central issue is the level of ignorance that patients have regarding their rights. A large percentage is unaware, for example, of the appropriate mechanisms to process the disability card and / or the right to access the treatments Y medicines. For this reason, we continue to travel and strengthen the path that we started in 2017 with Justina ”.

Covid vaccination in transplanted people

So far, there are no results from effectiveness Y safety related to the administration of the vaccine in these patient populations. However, the vaccination against COVID-19 is not contraindicated in patients immunocompromised or with autoimmune diseases. Those vaccines whose technological platform used are not considered safe for this group are live virus Y dimmed. “Currently, Argentina uses technology of inactivated vaccines or with the mediation of viral vectors ”, explained Villavicencio.

The National Immunization Commission (CoNaIn), in consensus with various scientific societies and in line with the analyzes and recommendations published in recent weeks in other countries, have evaluated and recommended to the Ministry of Health to incorporate within the target population to be vaccinated (POV ) to patients on the waiting list for organ transplant and transplanted, solid organs. “It is essential to always consult with your doctor and / or treating team to define, depending on the state of the disease and / or treatment, when is the right time for the vaccine application, and receive the necessary information and follow-up ”, concluded Villavicencio.

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