Musculoskeletal Disorders Increased During the Covid-19 Pandemic Due to Poor Posture While Working, Study Finds

The incidence of musculoskeletal problems increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. This according to the 2022 Global Medical Cost Trends Survey from Willis Towers Watson, a consulting firm.

According to the report, this type of disorder rose from fifth to first place compared to the previous survey as it was the main reason for complaints. This may be due to poor ergonomics of workers while working from home.

The incidence was even above cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Another point that the study revealed is that insurers expect the incidence of mental disorders to grow the most in the next 18 months; followed by cancer and musculoskeletal problems.

Also according to the report, the cost of health care this year rebounded 8.1% due to the increase in Covid-19 cases. Insurers estimated that this trend could continue by 2022, globally.

Meanwhile, in Mexico this increase could be up to 18.6% and at the regional level it is expected to be 14.2%.

“The volatility will continue in the short term. Covid-19 has produced the greatest impact on the variation of global medical trends that the industry has seen and we anticipate that it will extend until 2022 and beyond ”, the experts of the company emphasize, in a statement.

Willis Towers Watson conducts this study annually between July and September to 209 insurers. These represent 61 countries that participated in 2022.

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