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Mushroom photography with the magic glow effect: two techniques for magical photos

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Mushrooms are beautiful macro motifs. The diversity of our native species is huge and ranges from the strikingly colored fly agaric to the coral-like goatee to large groups of mushrooms such as honey mushrooms. The possibilities to photograph them are just as diverse as the selection of varieties.

Photo techniques explained

Flattering light for portraits, creating sun stars, designing with multiple exposures, creating special bokeh effects, capturing star trails – photography knows many techniques. We reveal how they work.

I am enthusiastic about the magic glow effect, with which the finely structured caps literally light up. The mushrooms look like the cozy houses of fantastic fairy tale characters. In this article you will find out which equipment you use to implement this effect, how a shoot in the forest works and how you post-process your recordings.

Mushrooms are mysterious. They can neither be assigned to plants nor to animals, but rather form their own realm within the eukaryotic (with cell nucleus) living beings.

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