Music: Colombian band Don Tetto performs in Mexico

Exclusive interview

In an exclusive interview with Spoiler, the members of the band talked about the pleasure of returning to Mexico with a special tour.

Don Tetto returns to Mexico to make his fans enjoy.  (Photo: Spoiler)
Don Tetto returns to Mexico to make his fans enjoy. (Photo: Spoiler)

It was in August 2021 when we interviewed the members of Don Tetto via Zoom. The gang was confined to Colombia, their country of origin. On that occasion, its members said they were eager to return to the stage, they missed playing with the public. One of their wishes was to go on tour to present their new materials live and one of the countries they longed to visit was Mexico. Four months later, that longing is a reality.

Diego Pulecio, Carlos Leongómez, Jaime Valderrama and Jaime Medina returned to Mexican territory after several years and after having reinvented themselves after the pandemic. “In these months, Don Tetto matured musically. The sound changed. Now we are more present in what we do, that is, we focus more on what we do now and not on what we stopped doing yesterday or have to do tomorrow. We are convinced that we have to live, we are stronger ”, they comment.

Despite the periods of confinement and restrictions for face-to-face concerts, they took advantage of the time to reinvent themselves. As part of that reinvention, Don Tetto teamed up with Aterciopelados to release the song Nothing to talk about. This duet was well received by Colombian music lovers, since they are two of the most representative bands of their music today.

“Aterciopelados is one of the most emblematic bands in Latin America. It is practically the band that opened the door to Colombian rock. Andrea Echeverri, its leader, is an icon, she is the leader of rock. When we put the idea to him, he agreed. Watching Andrea work in our studio was spectacular. Listening to Don Tetto with the voice of a woman like her was something different for us and we really liked that a female voice is part of our style ”.

After that experience, the good news continued for the band, including the tour Don Tetto in Mexico for this month of December. Due to the calendar and agenda, it is a short tour, however, the members envision a longer journey in the immediate future. Topics like We are going to lose and Between the north and the south, that were composed in the pandemic, will be part of your repertoire.

On his return to the country, the members of Don Tetto mentally prepared themselves to satisfy the stomach with the great variety of Mexican food that they will have at their fingertips, mainly the tacos, although with one condition: “But that they are not to the pastor. We want to try all the tacos we can find. We are ready for that ”.

Where will they be presented?

December 2 at Hendrix Circus Bar

December 3 in Cuautitlán Rooster

December 4 at McCarthy’s in Puebla

December 4 at the Opening Act of José Madero

December 5 at Texcoco Doppler

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