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Music Fair Expo Sound Peru 2021: learn more about the art of ‘Luthier’

The fair Expo Sound Perú 2021 It is a cultural space of Andean and Afro-Peruvian music that will take place from November 02 to 08 in a virtual way. For this reason, it has been conducting workshops, clinics and free talks through its social networks with talented Peruvian musicians.

Here we share 3 stories of some Peruvian luthiers who participate in the first virtual edition of the Expo Sound Peru 2021 Music Fair.

“No matter how short the step, it is already a path to success”, is the message shared by Libia Ramírez Camarena, the first Lima woman luthier who is dedicated to repairing, calibrating and maintaining musical instruments.

“La flaca”, as her closest friends know her, has joined her passion for music and electronics to dedicate herself to this work, despite the prejudices she encountered on the way to being a woman.

“I learned with a man who gave classes in Villa El Salvador, but he had sexist comments, he told me” it takes a long time to learn “,” it is a waste of time “,” better learn something else “, and all that went away for me. discouraging ”, argued Libya.

In 2016, he took the first step down a new path by doing guitar and bass repair jobs for free. “At the beginning they didn’t take me seriously, but I didn’t give up because my passion is much stronger. I do what I like and I can share it with others “, said” La flaca. “

Libya sees the Expo Sound Peru Music Fair as a space to continue making this art known and motivating more women in the music industry. “For me, Expo Sound is more than a musical event, it is a showcase that exposes people who provide education and do their bit for the music of Peru”, Libya ended.

Libia Ramírez, a female luthier repairing an electric guitar.

“The best medicine is music”, is the motto that represents Crisóstomo Mena Chávez or “Cristhian” as he is commonly known, an all-terrain luthier because he has specialized in repairing, calibrating and manufacturing string instruments.

In 2001, he arrived in Lima from his native Abancay and started as an assistant in a workshop that made charangos and guitars. On his way, he went through many adversities: from building instruments to sell in the Center of Lima to resorting to other jobs.

However, he was still motivated by his passion that overcame fear, this has allowed him to repair the instruments of renowned musicians such as Juan Ramírez of the Yawar group.

With 16 years of experience in the industry, every day Cristhian lives more passionate about what he does. That passion and talent is not wasted, that’s why he has been giving free workshops organized by the Expo Sound Peru Music Fair. “The fair is an excellent platform for those of us who are committed to art, at this juncture we need to help ourselves in the musical family”, Cristhian concluded.

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