Music lovers and not so much: 3 new singers you should pay attention to

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The Royal Spanish Academy defines the word music lover What “music lover” Yet the song What “Succession of modulated sounds to recreate the ear”. But it is clear that it implies much more than that: it is a way of expressing oneself, of channeling feelings and of brightening our days. And there is nothing better than enjoying good songs created by talented artists who strive to always raise the quality of their songs a little higher.

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Listen to classical musicians it never tires: every good music lover has an album that marked his life and that every time he hears it he is transported to another place. But even if we already have defined our favorite singers, there is always a space to hear new proposals and get carried away by young talents. That’s why here we introduce you to three female artists that you must add yes or yes to your playlists.

+ 3 new singers to add to your playlist

3. Mxmtoon

With only 21 years, Maia – better known as Mxmtoon– is one of the singers worth listening to and finally giving it a try. On 2018, He launched Plum Blossom, its EP edited by herself from her laptop. Today the project of the youtuber born in California has 100 million views. This prompted her to release a year later her first album called The Masquerade, which he defined as “an impromptu account of your most private thoughts and feelings”.

2. Eva B

Although he calls himself Eva B, his last name is Barreiro and he rose to fame after participating in the 2020 edition of Triumph operation. He was born in Galicia and has only 20 years. But his young age is not an impediment to having a great career: it is worth checking his performances on Spanish television and listening to his songs available on Spotify, influenced by De La Soul, Massive Attack, Michael Jackson y Phil Spector.

1. Lizzy McAlpine

Raised in Pennsylvania, Lizzy McAlpine She began writing her own music at a very young age, while also studying composition at Berklee College of Music. Three years ago he launched Indigo, his first album with 8 songs available on digital platforms such as Spotify. Undoubtedly, the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the concerts broadcast live from Instagram, helped her to continue growing in her professional development. In 2020, he released his latest record project: Give Me a Minute.

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