Musician deadmau5 announces Oberhasli, an interactive music experience on Core

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The renowned electronic artist deadmau5 has announced during the Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2021 its new virtual world, a musical experience called Oberhasli It will be released exclusively for Core, the platform for multiplayer games and virtual worlds created by the players themselves.

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As if it were an interactive multiverse, Oberhasli will come to Core this October 14th with the aim of offering fans a constantly evolving online world where music, games and other interactive content go hand in hand. A virtual space where you can socialize and hold concerts, listen to music by the artist deadmau5 and attend all kinds of live performances.

Undoubtedly, what has been one of the surprise announcements of the conference will serve as a meeting point for those who trust in the potential of interactive social experiences from the comfort of home: grab your best headphones and participate in a concert of artists from international scale.

A dream come true for deadmau5; this is Oberhasli, an online world in evolution

“Creating a world like Oberhasli has been in my head for years, but I quickly discovered how overwhelming it can be to create a multiplayer experience as a solo developer.” Joel zimmerman, which we know by his stage name, deadmau5. “The amazing thing about Core is that anyone can participate and create content regardless of experience or resources.. We have seen virtual concerts in the past, but after causing a great sensation, they vanish; they have no shelf life. With Oberhasli, I want to create a permanent pillar for the artists metaverse, updating regularly over time, changing and keeping it in line with real world news and events, ”he stresses.

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Unlike other concerts like those seen in Fortnite, Core’s experience with Oberhasli will go one step further by establishing itself as a truly interactive, evolving environment, and not just for an isolated visit. Music, games, interactive content, social experiences… All selected by deadmau5 himself.

After the association that we told you about in MeriStation a few weeks ago, when deadmau5 collaborated with the Core community to create the new music video for deadmau5’s single “When The Summer Dies“, the artist re-partners with Manticore Games with his most ambitious bet.

“We are excited to be working with deadmau5 again to bring this truly innovative vision to life,” said Frederic Descamps, CEO and Co-Founder of Manticore Games, on the occasion of the announcement. “We believe that the Metaverse will be built by thousands of creators, game designers and artists who can share unique interactive experiences with their audience and generate income from their work. Oberhasli is not a sponsored marketing stunt, it is a persistent home for all things deadmau5 within Core. “


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