Musician performs “fine and elegant version” of ‘El paso del gigante’ in a luxury restaurant – MAG.

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Tik Tok It has become the ideal platform to show everyday moments of daily life as extraordinary. This is the case of a man who works as a pianist in a luxury restaurant in Mexico, a place in which he decided to surprise all the diners by playing the popular cumbia ‘The giant’s step’but, no one realized this was a version “Fine and elegant”.

It is “Cumbión” is a widely known topic in this country, to the point that it is considered a classic of this musical genre, interpretation that is in charge of the recognized Dreamer Group (originally from Puebla) and, since its publication, it has been an unavoidable theme in Aztec festivals.

Thus, Daniel Crutze, the musician in question, shared a video on his personal account of Tik Tok where, dressed in a ball gown, he approaches a beautiful white piano, sits on a padded chair and a pleasant voiceover says: “‘The giant’s step’, a finer and more elegant version”.

“As fine and elegant as the people who follow me”, is read while the subject begins to give the first notes of the well-known cumbia. As the music plays In the background you can see the diners talking, chatting, eating. Everything seems to indicate that they have not realized that what they are listening to is a classic cumbiero.

Daniel revealed that he works as a musician at the restaurant Bristo Bleu, located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. However, it would not be the first time he has covered “Fine and elegant” of popular songs, in fact, his Tik Tok has several of these versions.

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And not only this kind of music, also the intro from the renowned video game ‘The Legend Of Zelda’, as well as songs by Luis Miguel, Elton John, Coldplay or something heavier like Metallica and has even covered the introductory theme of the popular series of Netflix ‘The Squid Game’.

So far, the elegant sound of ‘The giant’s step’ has been worth a figure higher than the 308,300 views on Tik Tok, as well as being close to 40 thousand “I like it”.

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