Mutuactivos reinforces its offer of sustainable funds with Mutuafondo Transición Energética FI

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Mutuactivos reinforces its offer of sustainable funds with Mutuafondo Transición Energética FI

Mutuactivos, the financial asset management entity of Mutua Madrileña, has launched a new international equity fund called Mutuafondo Transición Energética FI. The vehicle invests in companies whose businesses are committed to a more sustainable future and whose activity contributes, directly or indirectly, to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The new fund, of global equities, applies ESG socially responsible investment criteria (environmental, social and corporate governance) and is classified as Article 8, under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). It is the third thematic fund launched by Mutuactivos in the last year, together with Mutuafondo Nueva Economía FI and Mutuafondo Tecnológico FI.

In the opinion of Joaquín Ferrer, product manager of Mutuactivos European Equities, the companies that operate in the field of renewable energies represent a future “megatrend” in which you can find interesting opportunities to invest. “We have been following this theme for years and investing through our funds in companies that benefit from this transition. We are aware of the good performance that the sector has had and, even so, we see a significant upward trend in the coming years ”, he adds.

Towards decarbonization

The fund managers have specifically defined three types of themes and another group of cross-cutting themes to make up the portfolio:

1. Generation and transmission of electricity: companies that help to produce electricity from renewable sources and make it available to consumers. Includes electric power generators, manufacturers of generation equipment, cables …

The portfolio will invest around 50-60% of the total equity in this type of company. At its launch, Mutuactivos bets on titles such as Solaria, Iberdrola or Siemens Gamesa.

2. Electrification and mobility: Companies that promote the substitution of fossil fuels for electrical energy, manufacturers of railway rolling stock, companies that participate in the development and manufacture of electric vehicles, as well as in the associated infrastructure. It will represent around 20-30% of the portfolio. It includes titles such as Alstom, Samsung or Infineon.

3. Energy efficiency: companies seeking to reduce overall energy consumption. It groups together activities related to the improvement of energy efficiency, in particular in buildings and facilities, such as manufacturers of thermal insulators, windows and enclosures, etc. It will represent around 5-10% of the total portfolio. Among the bets of Mutuactivos included in this group are companies such as SIKA or Kingspan.

Other cross-cutting themes that will also be represented in the fund, with a total weight of between 15-20% of the portfolio, are technology development, hydrogen production, batteries and digitization, through titles such as Aker Carbon Capture, Air Products or Linde, among other stocks.

Minimum investment of 10 euros

Mutuafondo Transición Energética FI, which is the 33rd fund that Mutuactivos markets, is classified as risk 7, according to the classification of the National Securities Market Commission (from 1, lower risk, to 7, higher risk). The fund has two different types of investment. Class A with a commission of 1.35% on equity and 6% on results. For its part, the L class presents a management commission of 0.70% and a commission on results of 6%. Both have a minimum investment of 10 euros.

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