My Brilliant Friend Season 3 Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

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My Brilliant Friend Season 3 final trailer is finally here and offers a lot more than viewers anticipated. This Award-winning show of HBO is inspired by the Neapolitan novel series of the same name from writer Elena Ferrante. It traces the story of two friends, Elena Greco(aka Lenu) and Raffaella Cerullo(aka Lila) and their sixty-year-old friendship. The series traces their life journey as they move forward in Italy during the 90s and stand as the support system of each other, despite their socio-economic difference.

HBO has already announced the airing of season 3 with its official tweet account on the series. Season 3 was announced in early 2021 under a new director.

So, what is happening in Season 3? What does the trailer tell about the upcoming journey of Elena and Lila? Read on to know the detailed news here.

My brilliant friend season 3 final trailer in-depth analysis

HBO dropped the final trailer just on 9th February on YouTube. The 2.03 minute-long trailer offers an unstable socio-political situation in the backdrop as Elena and Lila grow older and move towards their own path in life.

My Brilliant Friend Season 3 Official Trailer

 The trailer starts with Elena and Lila in their twenties with different life goals and priorities after season 2. Here viewers get the snapshots of Elena and Lila in different settings. Elena is now a thriving author and the happy wife of a professor. On the other hand, Lila is not that fortunate. She works in a sausage factory under poor hygiene, and her health suffers drastically. Inspired By Lila, Elena writes about the factory workers’ ordeal while Lila starts a workers’ movement in factories. The scene then changes, and the two friends meet again to discuss their lives.

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The final scene then shifts back to the personal turmoil of the two friends. While Elena is seen confused with her life and motherhood, Lila is shunned by her neighborhood and goes through her struggle for better rights and better life.

The trailer is a sign of a dark time where the friends will be challenged by the changing social and economic turmoil.

My brilliant friend next season release date

As per HBO official sources, My Brilliant Friend Season 3 will start airing on HBO and HBO Max from 28th February 2022. This show will have eight episodes and follow the novel “My Best Friend: Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay”.

It will air from 10:00 ET/PT, and each episode will be 60 minutes long.

At present, the show will only be available for US audiences., But, it will gradually start airing for European viewers within weeks.

What to expect from Season 3

My Brilliant Friend has already generated rave reviews due to its unique storyline. This season will be under the direction of director Daniele Luchetti. The director offered detailed information on character planning and other aspects in an interview with Variety. He said, ‘I tried to put the main actors in a situation where they had more freedom – the type of freedom that is born from American cinema of the 1970s… I even got special staff to train the actors so that something unexpected could happen on set, which is what cinema in those years did: put the spectator in front of something unexpected.’

Luchetti also has carefully imprinted a lot of things from the 60s, including the Neo-realist filmmaking style and workers’ movement of that time. The trailer also displays his use of the 1970s style of cinematography with a strong influence of John Cassavetes for a more original depiction of the bygone decade. He also compared the character of Elena to the restless nature of Italian actor Monica Vitti. In his words, Elena is ‘reminiscent … of characters who questioned themselves about a still uncertain feminine identity.’

This season, Elena is “Those Who Leave”, signifying her journey, while Lila is “Those who stay”. HBO Executive Francesca Orsi has also said, “The fact that viewers and critics alike have continued to embrace Elena and Lila’s story makes it all the more gratifying, and we thank the entire team led by Saverio Costanzo for their outstanding work on the second season. We cannot wait to tell the next chapter of Elena and Lila’s lives and friendship.”

As it seems, this season will focus on how these two friends journey together during an unstable time with their problems as adults and try to figure out their own destiny.

 The trailer offers a lot of details on the cast of Season 3. It seems the cast of season 2 will continue their stint in this season. That means, Caia Garace will reprise her role as Lila while Margherita Mazzucco will reprise the role of Lenu.

Director Luceti had already offered his opinion about continuing the previous season’s cast. In April 2021, he commented, “We chose to keep the same cast. First of all, it was important to stick with the same [physical] characters. But also [the actors have] grown.

“There is a visible maturity in their expressions, in their attitudes. We have made the most of this wonderful enrichment that Gaia and Margherita bring, and also other characters.

“It’s not a fallback solution; it gives more depth. We see them grow live on screen.”

Other recurring cast members will also be seen reprising their roles as well. That means, Anna Rita Vitolo( as Immacolata Greco, Elena’s mother), Imma Villa, Valentina Acca( as Nunzia Cerullo, Lila’s mother), Antonio Buonanno(as Fernando Cerullo, a shoemaker and Lila’s father). Some new actors may also join the cast for new characters.

Overall, the series already looks interesting! So, brace yourself as My Brilliant Friend premieres this month on HBO. 

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