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Lydia Bosch: The Beloved and Respected Performer

Lydia Bosch is one of the most beloved and respected performers in the country, with some of the small screen’s most iconic titles behind her. As she approaches 60, she returns with a new daily series on Mediaset, and we had the opportunity to discuss the show with her.

Family Life

Bosch is proud of her three children, Andrea, Luis, and Ana, who are all very supportive of her latest project. Andrea is 31, while Luis and Ana are 20 and were born from her relationship with architect Alberto Martín.

Revenge is Mine

Bosch’s newest project, Mía es la Venganza, is a revenge drama that premiered last week. She portrays Sonia Hidalgo, a character with many edges who is undergoing a transformation. We will learn more about Sonia and the other characters in the series as it progresses.

The Cast and Script

Bosch says that the script, co-written by Aurora Guerra, is excellent and has many twists to keep the audience engaged. The cast is also exceptional, which further improves the project’s chances of success.

Daily Series

Bosch acknowledges that making a daily series is challenging because it requires one’s attention and dedication. With Mía es la Venganza, she is currently dedicating a lot of time to the show, but she is thrilled with the project.

Future Prospects

Regarding her plans for the future, Bosch says that she would love to return to the theatre if the right opportunity arises. She comments that making a daily series is one of the most challenging things she has done in her long career but remains satisfied with her life.


Lydia Bosch is a renowned performer who has dedicated her life to acting. With her latest project, Mía es la Venganza, she portrays a complex character undergoing transformation and dealing with unspeakable secrets. Bosch’s future looks bright, and audiences eagerly await more of her inspirational performances.

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