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My Hero Academia Creator Reveals Dark Might’s Origin

My Hero Academia: You’re Next is gearing up for a villainous twist on the iconic character All Might in its upcoming movie. Series creator Kohei Horikoshi recently shared insights about the conception of Dark Might, the film’s central antagonist. Fans of My Hero Academia are eagerly awaiting the movie, set to hit Japanese theaters later this summer, which aims to bridge the narrative gaps between seasons six and seven.

In a notable interview with Da Vinci magazine, as translated by @shibuyasmash on X, Horikoshi revealed that the idea for Dark Might stemmed from a passing suggestion. Series screenwriter Yosuke Kuroda first posited a potential evil version of All Might, and Horikoshi expanded on this, leading to the fully realized Dark Might character. This collaboration aimed to fill narrative holes and provide a fresh twist for the series.

"I brought it up casually, like ‘What about a villain like this?’", Horikoshi explained. He added that Kuroda had previously envisioned a ‘Black All Might’ in early plot suggestions. This idea resonated with Horikoshi, who found it visually compelling and wanted to introduce elements like flowers or stylish touches to deepen the impact. The thematic color changes added to the allure of the Dark Might concept.

Kuroda, for his part, mentioned that Horikoshi had discussed a villain concept centered on misinterpreting human connections. This foundational idea aligned well with the Dark Might character, making it an integral part of the story. The coordination between Horikoshi and Kuroda ensured that the new movie would maintain the thematic depth and continuity fans expect.

The anticipation builds as My Hero Academia: You’re Next is set for release in Japan on August 2nd, with a North American debut scheduled for October 11th. Kohei Horikoshi will supervise the project and contribute to new character designs. The movie will be directed by Tensai Okamura for studio Bones. Yosuke Kuroda returns as the scriptwriter from the TV series, while Yoshihiko Umakoshi and Yuki Hayashi will handle character design and music composition, respectively.

Source: Comicbook