My Slippers Review: Are They Worth Buying?

My Pillow, Inc. has become one of the most famous names all over America, thanks to the products that it creates. The American pillow-manufacturing company is located in Chaska, Minnesota. Founded in 2009 by Mike Lindell, it all started when Mike invented and patented an open-cell, poly-foam pillow design. This creation was sold through Lindell’s Night Moves Minnesota, LLC, and has been sold through My Pillow, Inc. since 2009. As of now, the company has sold over 41 million pillows. What started with only five employees expanded into an empire of thousands of employees! Currently, Americans are obsessed with My Pillow’s latest product, My Slippers. 

So, what are My Slippers, and are they worthy of investment? Read this review till the end to find out. 

Who is the Creator of My Slippers

Like their pillow, My Slippers is the brainchild of the CEO, Mike Lindell. He has already been in the limelight for a long time. Popularly known as the My Pillow Guy, Lindell’s business brain and passion for working for something new and efficient pushes him towards designing such creations. 

My Slippers remain one of the most popular and best-selling products by the brand.

What are My Slippers

Lindell’s slippers are one of the most popular products that he has created to date. He wanted the end consumer to feel comfortable when walking in their footwear; hence the idea of creating My Slippers came into his head. These slippers may look like a regular pair of footwear, but they are much more than their aesthetic appeal. They are all about comfort. Created in comfort memory foam, each pair offers the micro comfort you need to wear to keep yourself feeling relaxed all day. 

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My Slippers comprise a patented impact gel. According to many critics, it is a revolutionary specification that absorbs impact and relieves pressure from your feet. Owing to its strong claims, many consumers are already on a spree of buying the footwear. 

What are the Advantages of Buying My Slippers? 

  • The quality of the product is excellent. Many consumers have already claimed that no matter how roughly you use these slippers, they will stand the test of time. 
  • These slippers come with a great amount of internal padding which makes them ultra-comfortable to wear. 
  • The creators have promised a 60-day money-back guarantee. Thus, even if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get your money back. There is also a 1-year limited warranty on My Slippers.
  • The product is designed in the USA, which saves you from paying extra money or tax to get it into your closet. Moreover, the price of these slippers is nominal. 
  • These slippers are a must-have for those who constantly experience pain in their feet. 

Are there Any Disadvantages to Buying My Slippers? 

  • Many users have claimed that the fit of these slippers is not snug. My Slippers are narrow. 

What are the Specifications of My Slippers? 

The specifications of these slippers make them stand out from others. They come with four different layers.

Layer 1 – My Pillow Patented Fill 

The creators have taken the patented foam of the company to create a solid layer around these slippers to offer you a comfortable fit. 

Layer 2 – Comfort Memory Foam 

The second layer of comfort memory foam offers micro comfort and support to wear all day. 

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Layer 3 – Patented Impact Gel 

As stated, the impact gel is a revolutionary addition to the creation, which performs the task of absorbing impact and relieving pressure. 

Layer 4 – Indoor/Outdoor Sole 

The construction of this footwear is finished with high-quality leather suede made from American cowhides. The linings of this footwear are soft and cozy. Thus, discomfort is out of the question. There is a durable rubber outsole designed to be worn inside or outside. 

What are the Different Types of Slippers Available by My Slippers? 

The whole collection features a range of footwear dedicated to men and women. This footwear comes in different sizes and usually fits true to size. My Slippers are classified as women’s moccasins and slip-on and men’s moccasins and slip-on. 

Where are My Slippers Manufactured? 

The product, along with all the other products by the brand, is manufactured locally in the United States of America. The plan is based in Chaska, Minnesota, where 1,500 employees work together to create these promising products. Some ingredients of My Skippers are imported directly from Cambodia and further finished in America. 

Hear About My Slippers from the Horse’s Mouth 

Mike Lindell has something to say about My Slippers: 

“When I created my new My Slippers, I wanted to have everything you could need in a slipper. I wanted a slipper that was more comfortable than anything before it but also durable enough to wear all day, indoors, and outdoors. That’s why I developed an exclusive 4-tier cushioning system that combines two layers of foam with a patented impact gel to keep you from wanting to ever take them off. But I didn’t stop there, I finished My Slippers with beautiful leather suede, cozy faux fur linings, and an indoor/outdoor sole. I guarantee these will be the most comfortable slippers you will ever own.” 

Are My Slippers Worthy of Buying? 

Considering the claims of many consumers who have invested in these slippers, My Slippers make a good investment. They are soft, comfortable, cushiony, and an appealing pair of slippers that you can wear day or night without worrying about them wearing out. My Slippers have already become one of the best-selling products of the brand. The CEO itself speaks highly of this pair of footwear. 

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Available at a competitive price on many platforms, we recommend you buy these slippers and test them yourself. Apparently, you will not be disappointed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I wear My Slippers all year round? 

The cushiony feel of these slippers makes them a perfect companion to wear all day and in all seasons. However, we do not recommend going out in these slippers in extremely rainy or snowy weather. 

  • Can I wash My Slippers? 

You don’t have to worry about maintaining these slippers. They do not have black soles. Thus, rest assured they will not get dirty or leave a mark on your carpet. You can use some wiper with water to clean the inside of these slippers from sweat. We recommend laying them over a heat duct to dry. But do not give too much heat. Alternatively, you can dry them in the shed under the sun. 

  • Are My Slippers Available only in a single color? 

You can explore several colors and pick your favorite – charcoal, black, chestnut, gray, and olive. 

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