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“My soul mate”: Ebru Sahin on Cedi Osman, a love story – MAG.

Turkish actress Ebru Sahin, who achieved international fame for playing Reyyan on “Hercai”, Has decided to take an important step in his love life after having accepted Cedi Osman Like her future husband, this after last September 14, the basketball player asked her for her hand in the attractive and special setting of Cappadocia.

Although it is not known when they would be thinking of getting married, the truth is that the news has been welcomed by his family, friends and fans around the world, who already imagine the 27-year-old Turkish model dressed in white leaving the church with the great love of her life.

Due to the uproar caused by the news of their engagement, We will tell you how I started the love story between these two characters who have great popularity in the Ottoman countryNot for nothing, she has more than 3 million and a half followers on her Instagram account, while he has about 2 million.

Here are all the details that are known about this couple who have stolen people’s love.

The way they would have met Ebru Sahin and Cedi Osman is still a mystery, since at the beginning the couple handled everything that concerned them in strict reserve. Even their outings were so discreet that they could hardly be caught together.

By July 2020, the Turkish media were already trying to find out who was the owner of the heart of the young actress whom they linked with the singer Oguzhan Koç and with the player Cedi Osman; on that occasion, he asked them to respect his life and denied any type of romance with anyone. But the truth is that she was already flirting with the basketball player.

It only took a few days to ensure that she was alone for Ebru Sahin to finally confirm that she was dating Cedi Osman, after they were photographed holding hands leaving an establishment. That day, they pointed out that their relationship had just begun.

From that moment they did not hide from the cameras anymore and they were very calm and happy. When asked about her romance, the actor only managed to answer the journalists: “Everything is going well”.

Ebru Sahin and Cedi Osman, who have been with each other for a year, continued their life like any other couple and traveled together, enjoying their rest days on the beach in Alacati on several occasions, where they were recorded by people who also enjoyed the sun that day.

They did the same when they went to eat at a restaurant, where they were not afraid that when they left they would be approached by reporters; Although they were always very discreet, they were never hidden from the press.

It was learned that between the end of June and the beginning of July of this 2021, the Reyyan actress had met her partner’s family during a vacation. Cedi Osman’s loved ones would have welcomed the girl as one more daughter.

At that time it began to speculate that there would soon be a wedding between them, something that was immediately denied by Ebru Sahin. “Our relationship is going well, but marriage is not on our agenda.”said the young woman, who did not imagine that two months later her boyfriend would ask her for her hand.

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