Myrka Dellanos Reveals All About Her Health on La Mesa Caliente Return

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Myrka Dellanos Returns to “La Mesa Caliente” After Health Scare

Fans of Telemundo’s “La Mesa Caliente” were delighted to see the return of beloved host Myrka Dellanos after a brief absence due to a health issue. Dellanos revealed that she had been hospitalized for several days and diagnosed with a stomach hernia that required medical treatment. She also shared on Instagram that the hernia had affected her ability to eat and caused her to lose some weight.

Despite missing out on a planned trip to London for the coronation of King Carlos III, Dellanos remained positive and grateful for her health. She returned to the show with a bright smile and a flowery dress, exuding happiness and gratitude for being back to her passion.

“It doesn’t matter, I know that God’s timing is perfect, everything happens for a reason, and I’m happy,” she said to her colleagues on the show.

Dellanos’ colleagues and fans had missed her greatly during her absence, but her positive attitude and resilience have inspired many. She reminds us to focus on the positive and be grateful for our health, even in the face of setbacks.

We wish Myrka Dellanos continued health and happiness, and look forward to seeing more of her on “La Mesa Caliente” and beyond.

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