Mystery solved: stranger who rang the doorbell of a house at night was a slug – MAG.

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For many people there is nothing more terrifying than waking up late at night because the doorbell rang, especially since most people do not expect visitors at dawn. For this reason, the woman had the scare of her life when there was a knock on her door, she opened it and there was no one, more when she checked the security camera she found the “strange” surprise that a freak was responsible for this. The history it took place in England and it didn’t take long for go viral in the social networks.

35-year-old Lianne Jennings, the hostess, was very disturbed that the doorbell rang without stopping, which caused her fear at the mere thought that it could be a criminal, a stalker or, even, something worse.

More when he decided to go to the security camera search, he was surprised, to his relief, that at all times it was a slug that, due to the hazards of life, slipped through the doorbell.

“I guess it’s a slug, but it looks very, very strange, especially when the luminous thing lights up around its stomach (…) I was in bed and I was notified that something on my front door was making movements. I was a little scared at first and then when I played it, I started laughing. “, narrated Jennings.

The video shows the slug slowly appearing in front of the camera, in which you can clearly notice its antennas, as well as its slow walk and, as it is in night configuration, when it drags through the bell the ring makes this seems to be shining.

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“When I showed my friends, they got a little scared, they told me I had the appearance of a ghost or even an alien the something like that”the woman commented hilariously.

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