Nacha fights with Alba and Fer in the last episode of Acapulco Shore 8

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After almost four months on the air Acapulco Shore finally reaches the end of its season 8 in MTV. A delivery that, of course, was different from all of them. In principle, because it was recorded during the pandemic. At the start of the show, the creators of this adaptation of Jersey Shore They warned that the filming of the reality show had only taken place in a super mansion in Acapulco. Meanwhile, the cast was full of new participations such as Fer, Alba, Nacha, Jaylin, Diego and Chile. Although it should be noted that the matrioshka was also present, Karime.

This installment, in turn, had luxury guests such as the Brazilian influencer New Y Charlotte Caniggia, daughter of the Argentine ex-footballer Claudio Paul Caniggia. On the other hand, it was full of conflicts, arguments and lack of control. Yes, the holidays in season 8 of Acapulco Shore they were not lacking. And although it appears unexpected, this Tuesday it reaches its final episode. We tell you what will happen and when you can see it.

Strong discussion between Nacha, Fer and Alba in the last episode of Acapulco Shore 8

In the past episodes, Jacky Y Do they had to leave the mansion of Acapulco Shore after a strong discussion with Jaylin. However, they later returned and managed to enter peace with most of the shores, except with Nacha e Isa. That wound was left open and, in fact, in episode 15, Alba (Jacky’s old ally) and Fer fought very hard with Nacha.

“When she gets angry you have to be careful”Alba says about her confrontation with Nacha in the advance of this last chapter. The images show that it will be a conflict that will give something to talk about and that will close, without a doubt, a very hot season of Acapulco Shore 8, but also super fun.

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Opening time of episode 15 of Acapulco Shore 8

The last episode of Acapulco Shore 8 you can see this Tuesday, August 3 at 10 pm. throughout Latin America by MTV and simultaneously Paramount+, where by the way are all the deliveries available. The good news for fans of the shores is that reality will have season 9, as stated in the program Acapulco Shock During the month of July. The recordings have not started yet, but everything would indicate that filming would be underway soon.

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