“Nahir Galarza: Unveiling the Dark Truth – Valentina Zenere Shines in Thrilling Film Adaptation”

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Nahir: First Advance of the Film Based on the Story of Nahir Galarza, with Valentina Zenere as Protagonist

A few weeks after the start of filming the film about the story of Nahir Galarza, Amazon Prime Video released the first preview of the film. It is a short clip in which you can see Valentina Zenere, the protagonist of the film, playing the young woman from Entre Ríos sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her boyfriend:

I am Nahir Galarza. You don’t want to know what happened that night, do you?”, the actress from the Elite series is heard to say, who keeps her gaze lost for the few seconds that the clip lasts, before picking it up and fixing it on the camera.

This little preview of Nahir shows a bit of what will be seen on the screen in a few months, when it is released. The film will be available in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

The Story of Nahir Galarza

Nahir is a fictional thriller and drama based on one of the most moving police cases in recent years in Argentina. In 2018, Nahir Galarza, who was 19 years old at the time, became the youngest woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment in the country after being found responsible for murdering her boyfriend, Fernando Pastorizzo.

The fact for which she A young woman from Concordia was convicted occurred in the early morning of December 29, 2017; Pastorizzo was found on a street in Gualeguaychú with a shot to the back and another to the chest, next to his motorcycle and two helmets lying on the ground.

The following night, Galarza, who had initially testified as a witness, confessed to the authorities that she had been the author of the shots, which came from a 9-millimeter pistol. Initially, when testifying as a witness, Galarza said that she had seen the victim the the night before the crime, although given the sum of evidence against her, she was detained and in a second statement she acknowledged that she had killed him with her police father’s weapon but that it had been “accidental.”

The sentence to life imprisonment was handed down on July 3, 2018 by the Court of Trial and Appeals of Gualeguaychú and confirmed in July 2019 by Chamber II of the Chamber of Concord.

The Film and Cast

The story gave an unexpected twist when, at the beginning of 2022, the teenager accused her father, a police officer who owned the murder weapon, of being the real murderer, a theory that was quickly dismissed by the justice system.

In addition to Zenere, the cast of Nahir also has the presence of Mónica Antonópulos, César Bordón, Nacho Gadano, and Simón Hempe, among others. The film was devised by Lucas Jinkis, directed by Hernán Guerschuny, and written by Sofía Wilhelmi, produced by Zeppelin Studio (Días de Gallos, Bilardo, el doctor del fútbol, and Diego, el último adiós).

Prior to the film about the case, there was speculation about the possibility of a series that would tell the story. In 2019, the production company Zeppelin Studio announced that it would make a fiction based on the book Nahir, by Mauro Szeta and Mauro Fulco, published in 2018. The intention was to address Galarza’s psychological profile, the report of a false kidnapping in her adolescence, and the stormy relationship she had with Pastorizzo. They will also delve into the crudest details of the different versions of her crime, her days in jail, and her irruption on social networks.

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